Paris, London and beyond!

Greetings lovers and losers!


Life is coming a long fine in Paris and its nearly been three whole months since I’ve moved here. The French language lessons are coming along well and it has been great meeting My regular slaves as well as welcoming new ones into My Parisian harem.

I remain in Paris up to August 9th and available to session every day from a fully equipped dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. Same day sessions are available, subject to availability, if booked before 14h00 on the day.


As your reigning Queen of Mean, I will return to My London realm between August 13th to 21st.

As usual, I will be sessioning from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The chambers are furnished with several pieces of Fetters furniture along with suspension and an authentic medical room. Heavy rubber sessions are also available. We have a full latex wardrobe for men along with all the accessories for an intense total enclosure experience!

My tribute starts at £250 an hour.

I will also be hosting a kinky multi-slave party with My partner in crime Miss Mighty and our slave girl on Wednesday, August 16th. There will be two slots of two hours each. The first one is at 14h00 to 16h00 and then again from 18h00 to 20h00. The tribute for each slot is £300. Activities to include: strap-on, humiliation, bondage and suspension, electrics and f0rced bi. While boundaries will be respected, you are expected to come with an open mind!


After My tour to London, I will be visiting Amsterdam from September 8th to 10th and I’ll be attending Europerve in My shiniest rubber. But more on that in My next newsletter.

From September onward, I will continue to be based in Paris. I will be stepping up the video production. So any film slaves who are interested, get in contact then.

Before the end of the year, I will return to London at least once more and with My ever intrepid wanderlust, who knows, maybe I’ll visit a city near you. I am always open to genuine requests for sponsorship, so just ask!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire

Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire

 Series 1 – Out Now!


Once upon a time ago, I lived in a palatial home in Buckinghamshire with My loving subby hubby Kneel. He used to bring Me flowers, and pay for lavish gifts, holidays and keep Me in a lifestyle which would only make the other Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire jealous. Not that I paid too much attention to him – other than when he couldn’t meet My demands.

Here is are the first glimpses of My former Femdom life in the British Home Counties, and see for yourself why I am called the Glaminatrix…

Series One out now! On Clips 4 Sale and I Want Clips! Binge watch now!

Part One

When My husband Kneel comes home 5 minutes late, I am already incensed that he’s made Me wait. In order to appease Me, he has bought Me a bouquet of flowers. But he picked them up from the petrol station with the price tag still on it. So I let him know exactly what I think of his flowers by slapping his face with them. While he has been toiling in the office all day, I’ve been strutting around the house in high heels. I know what he really wants, but in recent years, the only body part I’ll allow him to touch is My beautiful feet. As he worships My shoes, I cackle as I remind him that I didn’t sign a prenuptial and let him know of My extra marital affairs with the staff.



Part 2

When My subby hubby came home late, I gave him such a royal off. After all, I am a Real Housewife of Buckinghamshire and I have exceedingly high expectations. Because he is such a failure, I let him start worshipping the shoes he bought for Me. My anger dissipates somewhat as he sucks and licks My high heels. While he is in a submissive state, I coerce him into taking Me shopping for more Cartier and Michael Kors. The verbal diatribe continues when I remind him that I went to the local Wife Swap – but he wasn’t invited. Slowly taking My shoe off, I tell him to inhale the scent of his wife.



Part 3

Kneel, My pathetic subby hubby has let Me down yet again, so I let him worship one of the more expensive pair of shoes he bought Me. Taking one of My 7 inch stilettos off, he slowly starts massaging My highly arched feet through the pantyhose. Feeling less pissed off, I allow him to take My foot in both hands and start sucking on My nylon clad toes. While he is deep in sub-space, I convince him how imperative it is for him to get that promotion at work – but only so I can compete with the other Housewives of Buckinghamshire in maxing out his next credit card.



Part 4

When subby hubby Kneel returned home late, he got the usual berating for being so pathetic. It has been years since we have had marital intimacy, so he is lucky that I still allow him to touch Me whatsoever. Ordering him to suck on My pantyhose encased toes, he dives in with aplomb. He opens his mouth wider and I stuff My foot in deeper – so deep in fact, I think I can feel his tonsils. When I get bored of that, I make him take his trousers off to reveal a silver chastity device, which I’d completely forgotten about. He reminds Me that I locked him up 2 months ago. Before dismissing him to do some housework, I flip him over My knee to give him a good hand spanking to remind him who The Boss is around the house. Making him kneel down on the floor (that is his name after all) I make him hoover up the flowers I slapped him in the face with before discussing renewing our vows at with a lavish ceremony.













Domination in Paris in July and London tour dates


Greetings lovers and losers!

As a newly fledged Paris Dominatrix, I’m pleased to report that it has been two months since My relocation from the UK. I didn’t anticipate how different living here and touring here would be. But I am now finally starting to get settled in. I am taking intensive French lessons and although I can speak to a decent conversational level, My writing ability is still not very strong.

I will be available for Femdom sessions from My fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. I will be available every day in July and the first half of August.

Same day sessions may be possible (subject to availability).


Additionally, this month sees My return to cam! And as such, I will be gearing up in My latex catsuit from My Parisian dungeon. I will be available on Adult Work, Nite Flirt or Skype.

So if you can’t serve Me in person, you can still serve Me on-line!

Check out My webcam page more details HERE


I will also resume filming during July and August. If you are based in Paris, contact Me on My website for more information. There will be a 100 euro tribute required (payable in advance) and you will need to sign a model release and bring one piece of government issued ID.

In the meantime, you can check out My C4S Studio for some Femdom fuckery here:


I will be returning to London between August 13th to 22nd. I will be available for Femdom sessions at My fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage.

My perverted partner in crime Miss Mighty and I will be hosting a multi-slave party on Wednesday, August 16th. More details to follow!

Visit My website for more information or if you’re not already following Me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM be sure to check in for daily status updates!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix




Paris Dominatrix


Greetings lovers and losers!

Paris, votre nouvelle reine est arrivée !

Its been a tumultuous couple of months, but the dust has finally started to settle. After three glorious years at Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire, it was time to pack it all up and start the next chapter of My life – in Paris.

I have been visiting the French capital on Domme Tour since 2013, however, I have been travelling to Paris for a lot longer. I have always dreamed of living in this fine city so now I have decided to make it a reality. However, touring a city and living there are two different things.

It will take some time for Me to truly establish Myself here, however I am pleased to report that I am now operating out of a fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondisement. The dungeon features a bondage bed, whipping bench and gynae-chair and also has a large selection of toys for all sorts of Femdom scenarios.

I am looking forward to seeing My long suffering Parisian slaves. But I also welcome new slaves to come forward and visit Me.

I already have an established crew of photographers in and around Paris and I’ll be having My first shoot at the new premises soon. I’ll be sure to include new content in My next update. But in the meantime, if you’re a film slave living in Paris, I may be recruiting soon (tribute applies).

Visit My site for more details!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: French lessons start next week. Newsletters will be bilingual soon…

La Maitresse Parisienne retour pour le printemps

Je suis LADY BELLATRIX du Londre.

Now available in Paris in 10eme from for Femdom sessions.

I will be sessioning from a private dungeon in 10eme.

I am an International Dominatrix and I have now relocated to Paris. Yes. I live in Paris now.

You may recognise Me from The English Mansion, Interrogation Bootcamp, Chateau Cuir and much more. I am originally from Canada but have been formally trained in Great Britain for the last 7 years. I have been touring Paris since 2013 and I am now considering making the French capital My home.

I have My chic bag of tricks with an assortment of implements and a sexy selection of lingerie, latex and fetish shoes.

Although I am a sensual and feminine, I am also widely known for being a true sadist. I enjoy most BDSM activities from mild to extreme. Parisian slaves can expect:

– light bondage

– tease and denial

– humiliation

– CBT and NT

– flogging, paddling, spanking

– mind control and role play

– strap on and slut training

– foot worship, boot worship, latex worship

– scissoring and fantasy wrestling

…and much more!






***Je parle un peu français mais préfère l'anglais***


Buckinghamshire availability and latest vlog!


Greetings lovers and losers,

After a frenetic pace over the last few years, I have decided that now is the time to shift down a few gears and enjoy the fruits of My labours over the last seven years. While I’m not leaving the UK forever, I will be stepping it down a notch for some time to chill out and see the world.

I will be available to session at #ChezBellatrix in Buckinghamshire until Easter weekend. So for those of you who have been following Me for some time and “thinking” about seeing Me, now is the time to worship Me in this opulent setting worthy of a Femdom Queen. I will also be available at My London location in Swiss Cottage (with a minimum of 24 hours notice) until the end of April. Don’t forget, the next installment of Interrogation Bootcamp with new recruit Special Agent Whiplash will be on April 13th at the Hampshire Basecamp. Applications close on April 1st so you’d better pull your finger out.

When I eventually return to the UK, I will be doing things differently. I have never been one to follow the pack, and in doing so, My unique approach, presentation and professionalism have always set Me one step ahead. What I have in store will revolutionise the current state of Femdom but will only be available to the most discerning of My subjects. Therefore, it is a good idea for those who haven’t met Me (or for those who haven’t served Me in a while) to pay hommage now. They say that the Dominatrix is the unobtainable woman and I will be even more exclusive moving forward.

Getting My start when social media was just taking off, I am aware that this medium (and My incessant wanderlust combined with unswerving determination) have been instrumental in gaining the international status which I am very proud of. It didn’t happen over night and I have worked doggedly to get to where I am today. But I decidedly entered the world of Femdom as a lifestyle, having been a genuine player on the scene of My hometown Vancouver many moons ago, as it was a core aspect of who I am and how I want to live.

I am loathe to say that the current state of BDSM is awash with loads of Insta-Dommes trying to make a quick buck. The “fuck you/pay me” mantra which has become so commonplace on-line is cringeworthy to say the least. I enjoy speaking with those slaves and subs who have been around a lot longer than this lifestyle was popularised on the internet and then in recent years, dumbed down. I learn so much from you all and see that something genuine is missing from the Femdom society as we know it today. Because I miss it too.

So, I’m not looking to chase a pay pig to give Me a tenner to buy my next cheeseburger. I’m looking for long term benefactors with whom I can go on a proper D/s journey of discovery with. Back to basics without the BS, but with all the style and grace befitting of Femdom Royalty and the partons who serve Her.

If that is you, let yourself be known.

From May onward, I will take up a somewhat nomadic lifestyle and as My vlog on YouTube would suggest, I am open for international sponsorship. Have a look at My TRAVEL page for more info!

Here are the facts, just to clarify:

– I am leaving the UK at the end of April

– I am taking a break

– I am not retiring or quitting

– My realm is not for sale and no one should be so fucking presumptuous to ask

– I will be available periodically on Skype, webcam and premium rate phone

– I will be situated in Europe over the following months

– I will be available to travel internationally for those who wish to sponsor Me

– I will return to the UK when I am damn well ready and then I will kick ass on a major scale

My birthday is coming up soon, on April 27th and as a high protocol Dominatrix, I have equally high standards and give advance notice to My subjects be ready to worship your Queen during birthmonth.

So slaves of My British realm, I reiterate, catch Me while u can.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Interrogation Bootcamp – limited spaces


Interrogation Bootcamp



Limited spaces!

Application deadline: April Fools Day


Last chance to session in Buckinghamshire! Easter weekend

Greetings lovers and losers!

I’m now coming into My seventh year as a Professional Dominatrix and now seems the right time to take a little bit of time out. For those of you who have been following Me from the beginning, you will be no stranger to My intense work ethic. I have a tank like approach to life but now this machine needs a bit of well deserved maintenance.

Shortly after I returned from Vancouver in 2013, I set up camp in Buckinghamshire. It has been the best of both worlds for Me. Its less than 30 minutes on the train to London as well as a 30 minute drive to Heathrow – so an ideal HQ location for My quest for global domination.

But after busting My ass for the last seven years, I am looking forward to taking some time away from the UK to reflect, relax and refuel for My next project. And with that, I will be available at My current location #ChezBellatrix until Easter weekend (April 15th). This will be your last chance to session with Me at this location for the foreseeable future so catch Me while you can!

I also offer duo sessions with My crew Miss Tiffany Naylor, Lady Liberty Harkness and Cate “the Castrator” Fury. If requesting a duo, be sure to give us a minimum of 48 hours notice. Although Tiffany will definitely be coming to play on Thursday March 9th.

This spring, I will be spending time in Paris and Zurich and with the view to return to the UK at the beginning of June. I may have the odd pit stop here and there in London during that time at My premises in Swiss Cottage. But I will announce those dates as and when they are confirmed.

So in the meantime, all you slaves in the Home Counties, if you snooze, you lose! Don’t miss your chance to session with Me at this stunning location.

During My time away from the UK after Easter, My own mini Brexit, I am open to serious offers of sponsorship. If you’d like to fly me to your county I look forward to hearing from you. I’m particularly interested to attend German Fetish Weekend at the end of April and Dom Con in LA in May.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Filming with Mistress Esme on March 1st

Greetings lovers and losers!

On March 1st I’m teaming up with MISTRESS ESME for filmed sessions at Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire.

Due to exciting personal life changes, this will be My LAST filming day for the foreseeable future. But more on that coming soon in another blog.

Mistress Esme and I have known each other for about 6 years and we both have a cheeky yet strict attitude towards our male subjects. We look forward to torturing our slaves both mentally and physically with our sensual and sadistic approach.

TRIBUTE £200 payable on line in advance.

Ideally here are some of the activities we would like to capture on film:

– strap-on
– spit roasting
– NT
– bondage
– foot/boot worship
– many more Femdom activities

We are happy to take your particular fetishes into consideration and of course all boundaries and limits will be respected. A mask will be provided if so required.

You’ll be required to sign a model release and one piece of government issued ID (for 2257 Compliance Records only).

I am now accepting polite applications via My website only. Please only apply if you are interested in the above activities and willing to pay the requested tribute.



Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix
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INTERROGATION BOOTCAMP – April 15th – introducing Special Agent Whiplash


Memo from the Department of Human Resources


Since Special Agent Hunter’s reassignment to a highly classified and undisclosed location, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has enlisted a new recruit to assist Special Agent Bella on her on going task of maintaining the status quo of the subspecies known as man.


Special Agent Whiplash of the Tactical Forces Division is highly reputed for her powerful snap kick and using sadistic measures to achieve victory. With such a track record, she is the chosen comrade to join forces in carrying out the latest mission called Operation RETRIBUTION.

They have now received urgent orders from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy and are preparing for the most fierce retaliation in the history of Interrogation Bootcamp at the Hampshire Base Camp.

Ahead of their next mission, those guilty members of the subspecies known as man are requested to turn themselves in…or suffer a much worse fate.

During Interrogation Bootcamp, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but non exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE

The question remains…are you man enough?





Applications close at midnight on 01 APRIL 2017

  • Processing fee £250 (payable in advance/non refundable)
  • Offer only open to UK or European nationals
  • Limited places


Interrogation Bootcamp is an on-going conceptual venture combining Orwellian inspired film noir, military role play, women in uniform and extreme masochism. In this ever evolving saga, Our two internationally renowned Special Agents hope to encourage support for the Female Supremacy and invoke fear in those who would otherwise defy its existence.