UK Spring Tour 2024 – CANCELLED!

It is with great regret that I have taken the difficult decision to cancel My UK spring tour. This is unprecedented and the first time in thirteen years I have had to cancel a tour.

The main reason I was coming to the UK on those particular dates was because I had booked a FMTY (Fly Me to You). When a slave books Me on My special London FMTY I schedule a tour around it.

Unfortunately, the client had to cancel for personal reasons (but I’m pleased to say I have been paid my tribute in full).

Then, another spanner was thrown in the mix. Industrial action. Train strikes on the days I had three shoots lined up in the Midlands meant I could not get to or from Birmingham and/or Worcester. Nor could My cameraman get a train to or from location. London FMTY

This double whammy happened within 48 hours. The universe could not have given more of an indication that this was not meant to be. And all film slaves have been refunded.

I didn’t make the decision to cancel My tour lightly. I’m gutted. I was really looking forward to seeing My esteemed colleagues and harem of adoring British man-hoes.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

When will I be back?

Moving forward, I will only return to the UK on a FMTY basis. So the next time a wise British subbie takes Me up on that offer will be the next time I am back.

Despite being on hiatus from hosting sessions in Paris, I am working on something behind the scenes. I hope to unveil My project after the Olympic games are done and dusted; once life returns to normal in the French capital. My focus and attention are on this side of the Channel. Until, of course, I book My next FMTY to London.

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