April was bithmonth!  I was feeling generous and had a few sales. But if you snooze, you lose! This sale is now over….


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This may be a lesser known platform, but it is a strictly Femdom clip site run by the famous Other World Kingdom.

Lady Bellatrix: https://dominity.com/49684

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix: https://dominity.com/66437


Over on Nite Flirt, I have more than 60 Goodies marked down to just $2.99! The vast majority of this collection is Femdom POV and you will love My humiliatrix vibes!

While you’re at it, you can also call me on the phone to tell Me how wonderful I am or send a message via chat.

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And last but certainly not least, since you’re already on a spending spree for your Queen, you can also whip that credit card out and get Me a gift from My WISHLIST

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