Live Streaming and Rebranding

If you’ve been following Me on either TWITTER or LOYAL FANS, the last few weeks, you will have noticed I’ve been busy with home renovations! I am pleased to say they are finally complete. Now that the paint has dried and the dust has settled, I can begin rebranding! Starting with My live streaming schedule.


Latex Live Show

The first of many updates is that I will be resuming My usual schedule of bi-monthly live shows on My favourite platform, LOYAL FANS. So join Me for the next live steaming on Sunday, June 16th at 8pm CET for My famous Latex Live Show!

This is a subscriber only benefit, but lucky you if you’ve not subscribed yet! I’m offering a 50% off sale (for a limited number of subscriptions). So grab your latex and jump in on the action!



As part of My rebranding strategy, I will be live streaming a lot more often! Moving forward I will also be focusing on more SFW content starting with Twitch.

Join Me for My first ever Twitch live streaming on Tuesday, June 18th at 9pm CET!

I have to admit, I have no idea what I’m doing on this platform as it will be My first venture there. But let’s keep it classy! And bear in mind that this is SFW ONLY.

If you can’t make the show, follow Me there anyways to book mark My channel for future live streaming.


Did you tune into My “Ignore Cam” while I was live streaming during My renovations over the last two weeks? Or maybe you saw Me fill My Twitter timeline with My sweaty “Dommes Doing DIY” content? Now that’s out of the way comes the fun part!

It is time to finally start unpacking and begin decorating! As I mentioned as part of My overall branding will be focused on live streaming (both SFW and premium). I need to start kitting out My workspace with new equipment such as lighting, microphones, cam gear and of course new furniture.

Here are a few ways you can contribute:


  • Check out My Throne wishlist for some gifts you can contribute:
  • Check out My overall WISHLIST
  • Contribute Amazon FR vouchers (email address on graphic below)


If there was anything I learnt in My recent DIY/bricolage project is that a lot of work goes into transformation. And during that time, while stripping wall paper, plastering, masking fixtures and getting paint into My eyeball, I had a lot of time to think about the way forward.

As part of My rebranding, I will be focusing on live streaming and SFW content to make Myself more accessible to a wider audience. Like anything, this will take time. But also, a hot topic in today’s financial climate is inflation.

As an adult content creator since 2012, I have a vast library of Femdom clips in the region of 1500+ titles. During those eleven years, I have never raised the rates of My content. Now with over a decade of experience behind My belt as a producer, the time has come for Me to be realistic about My value, experience and keeping in line with inflation.

In coming weeks, I will be raising the rates on all of My Femdom clips. Loyal Fans has always been My one stop shop as not only do they have a subscription option, but a clip site as well. They also offer their creators a generous 80% payout. Certain platforms such as Clip4Sale and I Want Clips feel one dimensional and outdated and only offer 60% commission on sales. Put your business hat on for a second and think of where you’d prefer to sell your products from.  Therefore, that is where I am driving all My sales so find Me there:

It is FREE to follow Me on Loyal Fans, but subscribe for the good stuff:

I will keep My stores on C4S and IWC as I have put a lot of work into them. But I will no longer advertise those sites. In coming weeks, I will scrub all reference of them on My websites and rely on in-house traffic only. So if you want to stock up on My vast collection of Femdom clips from those two sites, jump on it now!

Paris Sessions and future tours

Recently, I have had several of My dear regular slaves contact Me to see if My hiatus is over. The short answer is YES! However, I must continue to remind you all that I no longer host sessions in Paris. I am currently outcall only to your hotel (4 or 5 star hotels, no private residences).

I am not sure when I will open up another play space in Paris. I am in no rush to do so. But of course, as and when I do, I will make a huge fuss about it.

So yes, I am available for Femdom sessions in Paris. But you will be providing the location for our playtime (ie hotel of 4 or 5 stars). I am also available for social time and shopping dates as part of My PARIS FEMDOM TOUR GUIDE package.

As for returning to London, I also want to make it abundantly clear that I will no longer be touring. If you wish to see Me there, you can take advantage of My special LONDON FMTY package. As for any other location, if you wish to see Me there, you can sponsor Me to visit you.

You will notice a lot of changes and updates in the coming weeks. Subscribe to My FREE newsletter here: or check out My new “link in bio” here: