Domme Life Lockdown v2


PARIS – 18 APRIL 2024


I am slowly transitioning out of hiatus…

I have been on hiatus from real time sessions since January, but I have now brought the contact form back.

My focus has shifted primarily to online domination.

I am currently available in Paris for outcalls or social time only. For full details, READ THIS BLOG

If you wish to contact Me for any other reason, I am available on all of My usual premium platforms.


Call Lady Bellatrix for phone sex on


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I have been on hiatus from offering real time sessions in Paris as of mid Janauary 19th. I have permanently closed the doors to Chez Bellatrix and shifting My business strictly online for the foreseeable future. When I return from London, I will be launching new practices in for real time meets in Paris.

First impressions are everything. I suggest you take your time to read My website thoroughly to get to know Me and if My practices are compatible with your interests. When applying, be sure to be concise and respectful. I am very selective about whom I session with, so get it right the first time.

If your application is successful, I generally respond within 48 hours. I require additional time for new applicants to do due diligence by checking My personal records and dangerous offenders directories.

References: you may provide a reference if you wish, but it does not exempt you from paying a non refundable deposit or seeing Me sooner than 48 hours. If I have seen you before and you wish to use Me as a reference, contact Me first to let Me know.

If you would like your application to be expedited, you may send a TIP or call Me on NITE FLIRT to get My attention. But it is not guaranteed that I will be available sooner than 48 hours and a deposit will still be required.


Slaves I have already met with should allow for up to 24 hours for a reply and you’re welcome to contact Me via email only (not phone or text). If we have met before and I find you to be reliable, I may be able to see you sooner than 48 hours (subject to My availability). You may still be required to pay the deposit.

Slaves I have spoken with extensively online on premium rate platforms can also expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Within the realm of Femdom, I am omnipresent. I am everywhere.
The name Bellatrix originates from the star found in the constellation Orion. So, I am literally above you looking down. And like a star shining brightly in the night sky, here is where you can track My movements.

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