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I have now returned to Paris and accepting respectful applications for Femdom sessions. 

In Paris, I session from Chez Bellatrix, My own exclusive play space.  

In Paris, I am available Monday through Friday between 11:00 to 20:00 ONLY. If you wish to session earlier than 11:00, there will be an additional charge. I do not session later than 20:00 under any circumstances.


On Saturdays I am available between 11:00 to 15:00 ONLY (therefore, a start time of between 11:00 to 13:00 with the session ending at 15:00). It is VERY RARE that I am available on Sundays. If you are only available during these times and desperate to session with Me, I may consider. But My usual tribute will be double.

I require a minimum of 48 hours notice all appointments. A 50% non-refundable online deposit is mandatory to confirm your appointment.

My exact location will be made known upon reciept of a 50% non refundable online deposit.

I am available for outcalls in Paris to hotels of four or five stars only at My discression. The tribute will be significantly higher than an incall.

I am also available for social dates such as dinner or shopping or to attend an event with you I also offer the session + social date package.

A tribute is required for My time in all instances.

Read the following information carefully before applying…Yes, it’s long so if you’re not willing to read this, don’t apply.


First impressions are everything. I suggest you take your time to read My website thoroughly to get to know Me and if My practices are compatible with your interests. When applying, be sure to be concise and respectful. I am very selective about whom I session with, so get it right the first time.

If your application is successful, I generally respond within 48 hours. I require additional time for new applicants to do due diligence by checking My personal records and dangerous offenders directories.

References: you may provide a reference if you wish, but it does not exempt you from paying a non refundable deposit or seeing Me sooner than 48 hours. If I have seen you before and you wish to use Me as a reference, contact Me first to let Me know.

If you would like your application to be expedited, you may send a TIP or call Me on NITE FLIRT to get My attention. But it is not guaranteed that I will be available sooner than 48 hours and a deposit will still be required.


Slaves I have already met with should allow for up to 24 hours for a reply and you’re welcome to contact Me via email (not phone or text). If we have met before and I find you to be reliable, I may be able to see you sooner than 48 hours (subject to My availability). You may still be required to pay the deposit.

Slaves I have spoken with extensively online on premium rate platforms can also expect a reply within 24 hours.


Fill out all questions on the form. Most fields are mandatory. This will tell Me everything I know about your session preferences and limitations. Please read My SESSION page to find out what I enjoy (but importantly, what I will not participate in).

I will also need the exact date, time and duration of your proposed session. If you do not know the exact date, wait to apply until you do. If you have a general query, call Me on NITE FLIRT to discuss.

I require a valid email address and valid phone number. I understand your concerns about discretion and need for privacy. I assure you that I will never text or call you – unless specifically agreed upon in advance. Your phone number is required so I can do My due diligence. My personal blacklist records date back to 2014. I will also check several other databases to ensure you don’t appear on any timewasters or dangerous offender lists. And really, if you’re not willing to give Me your phone number, it proves to Me that you are not trustworthy.

I generally respond to those who are already known to Me within 24 hours. Those applying for the first time may have to wait longer for a reply. I strongly suggest you CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER (this especially applies to Gmail accounts). If you have not heard from me within three or four days, it is likely that we are either not compatible, your application was incomplete, you have been previously blacklisted or possibly you didn’t check your spam folder. If your application is not successful, I am not obliged to give you a reason.

Gmail users: it has come to My attention that My emails often end up in your spam folder! So check your damn spam folder after applying!


My terms are non negotiable. If you try to negotiate My terms in any way, you will not receive a reply and you will be permanently blacklisted. If you are not comfortable with My terms, don’t apply.


Once your application has been accepted, I will inform you how to pay the required 50% non refundable online deposit ahead of your booking.

Once your deposit has been paid, it is not refundable. If you must cancel your appointment, the deposit it is not transferrable to another date. If you need to change the time of the date of your existing appointment, I will try to accommodate if enough notice is given, subject to My availability.

If you cannot attend your appointment after paying the non-refundable deposit, you will have to pay another deposit to make a new appointment. This is practice is standard with most professional services and seeing Me is no different.

The purpose of paying a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is that you honour your appointment as agreed upon. A vast majority of My clients are business men, so you obviously know how disruptive cancellations can be to a business. Of course there are many reasons why you may need to cancel at short notice such as health problems, change in work or travel schedule, family emergency, etc. I try to be sympathetic but cancellations occur much too frequently and are very costly to My business.

Thank you for understanding that My time and safety are important to Me.


I have exceedingly high standards. Some of you may feel My application procedure and terms are too complicated or inconvenient, but this is all part of My screening process. I enjoy building long lasting D/s relationships with My slaves and this is not something that can be rushed. Those who are willing to go through My exacting process will be rewarded with a mind blowing experience with a genuine and experienced high protocol international Dominatrix. The whole point of engaging in BDSM is for enjoyment and enrichment. I want to be sure the people I spend time with are sincere and genuine – and so should you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you feel that we are compatible and you’re ready to take it to the next level, its time for you to begin the application process in the link below.

The Bellatrix Experience awaits you!


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