New Booking Etiquette Guidelines

As you are probably aware, I recently closed the doors to Chez Bellatrix V2 in January. I am currently on hiatus from offering incall sessions in Paris and will remain so for the foreseeable future. So consider this a pre-warning on My new booking etiquette guidelines. Read on to hear about My gradual tranistion to real time meets…

I have moved to a new location and I’m still in the midst of renovating a large apartment. One of the main reasons for My move was that I wanted to separate My work space from My living space. No more slave DNA splattered all over the floors and walls of My personal space! So just to be clear, I will not be offering incall sessions in My new home.


As I slowly transition back into real time meets, moving forward, I am implementing changes in My application process.

In Paris, I will be offering experiences, rather than sessions. I have just launched several new packages called the PARIS FEMDOM TOUR GUIDE where we can meet in real time. But none of these options will include Me hosting sessions. I will eventually set up a dungeon where I can receive My long-suffering harem of international slaves. That will not be feasible until after the Olympics. Currently, My primary focus is on online domination. I am not in a rush to re-open a play space to host sessions in Paris. As and when I do open a new dungeon, I want to get it right.

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As of April 2024, all new applicants will be required to pay a nominal tribute of 50 euros BEFORE their application. This can either be done via THIS LINK ON THRONE OR $50 TIP ON LOYAL FANS


You will only be wasting your own time.

Returning patrons prior to January 2022: For those who have seen Me in the past but not since January of 2022, you’ll be considered a new applicant. Don’t worry if you can’t remember when you saw Me last, I keep very accurate records.

Returning regular patrons: If you have seen Me post January 2022 at the former location at Chez Bellatrix in the 18th arrondissement, you will already have My email address and you can reply there. You will not be required to pay the new application fee.


Pre-pandemic, approximately 2 out of 5 new applications would result in a session. Post pandemic and in between lockdowns, it became 1 out of 5 new applications that converted into a session. However, in the last year it has become more like 1 out of 10 new applications becoming a session. I’m a statistics nerd and have the data to back this up. But also, based on conversations with other well established Dominas from around the world, they too have noticed this disappointing downward trend.

My requirements were plastered all over My contact page, booking etiquette page as well as being blatantly clear on all of My marketing. I firmly demand a minimum of 48 hours notice, a 50% deposit for a minimum two hour session. There were even tick boxes on a very comprehensive booking form for applicants to acknowledge applicants accepted My terms.

During My hiatus, I’ve had some time for reflection. I realized how much time was spent on answering emails that never amounted to anything. How frustrating it was when I took the time to reply to session applications but never received a response. The number of people who would reply to My response saying they couldn’t pay a deposit, only wanted a one hour booking, wanted a same day session or worse – negotiated My tribute was staggering. There was also a recent case of a travelling businessman who contacted at least ten Parisienne Mistresses when he was in town, shopping around to see who would give him the best wank fodder. Last but not least, there was a jealous local Domina who bombarded Me with fake bookings.

So the time has come to paywall applications.


And for any Domina reading this, I encourage you to do the same. This should become a trend. Again…

Pre-internet days, there were contact magazines printed on pulp with grainy images. Back in the day, a prospective slave would have to send a letter to a PO Box via snail mail and eagerly await a response. If they ever got one at all!! If you don’t believe Me, read this interesting blog by the world renowned Femdom illustrator SARDAX. But even back then, potential slaves were expected to send a little tip along with their letter to ensure a response. And to prove sincerity. So, let’s think of My new requirement as bringing back an old tradition…


Just to be crystal clear, as of April 2024, ALL NEW APPLICANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A 50 EURO APPLICATION FEE BEFORE APPLYING. Failure to do so will result in your application being ignored. It is your own time you will be wasting. Yes, even you Mr Business Man who thinks he’s too important to pay the application fee. Yes, you too Mr. I’ve Been Scammed Before. No application tribute = no response.

This can either be done via THIS LINK ON THRONE OR $50 TIP ON LOYAL FANS

Sending the application tribute will not guarantee a session. If you are already on My blacklist, you were there for a reason and will never receive a response. If you are not respectful in your application you will not receive a response. If you request an activity that is one of My personal hard limits, you will not receive a response. If you try to negotiate My terms in any way, shape or form you will not receive a response. But most importantly, if you do not send the initial 50 euro tribute you will not receive a response. I hope I have made Myself abundantly clear.

Successful applications have always been subject to paying a non-refundable deposit. Sending an initial 25 euro application tribute shows that you are willing to follow through. It will also minimize those who don’t respond to My replies. Or even worse, those who try to negotiate the mandatory deposit or My tribute. Your initial tribute also goes towards the time it takes Me to reply to your application. Additionally, I do due diligence by checking My records and other databases to make sure you are of sound character.

Sessioning with Me is a luxury.

My entry level tribute is one of the highest in Paris so the 50 euro application fee is a fraction of that cost. This small gesture shows shows your integrity. I’m looking at this new measure as an insurance policy against time wasters. And if 50 euros is going to “cock block” you, then we are not compatible.

Thank you for respecting My new screening policy. I look forward to hearing from those sincere applicants who understand why I have to do this.


Perhaps My tribute is out of your price range, but you’d still like to get to know Me better. You can always contact Me via one of My premium rate platforms. Slide into My DMs on Loyal Fans where I reply within 24 hours! It’s FREE to follow, but you’ll want to subscribe for the good stuff!