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February 2019

It is December 2018, I am travelling to Paris to meet for the fourth time the amazing Lady Bellatrix. I lived unforgettable moment with her and I want more and more. Hearing the heels behind the door is the beginning of the magic and then appear the wonderful Lady Bellatrix, my cock locked in her chastity device is a bit tighten. Brief discussion and wear choice before I disappear in the bathroom before I reappear dressed in my brand-new lace suite and straight by a leather corset on top of my high heel boots. I am now the “petite salope” of the Goddess, she is laughing about me, I like it. My hands are tightened to the beam of this nice apartment, Mistress opens her book, I have to say 10 words linked to me, so most I am proud of are devoted, addicted, salope. She put her “tools” on the table nearby, I know I will suffer, I know the pain I will have on the following days but I am just proud of it. Lady Bellatrix made me discover the pleasure of canning and since I wish more. The 10 strokes on my ass as well written on the book. Wood cane, plastic cane it will be something hard to stay on my heels but we go to 150. This is stamped, I hope and I am sure next time Mistress will bring me over. I am now on my knees and Mistress make me suck her strapon, I try deep as possible, she learnt me on real cock but still a lot to do. This is just the beginning and now my collar is pulled by my leash to go on the first floor, I crawl on the bed. Then Lady Bellatrix start to come in my hole, I am quite tightened and try to relax and without surprise Mistress come in me. So delightful I loved to be taken by Lady Bellatrix, I feel so border to cum and I breathe deeply to avoid. Mistress make a break to get a bigger cock and at this time without any thing I cum on the vinyl of the bed even with my cock in the chastity cage. Wanking you say? I don’t need just be fucked by Lady Bellatrix. No surprise I have to lick this 3-month quantity of cum I kept. This is not finished Mistress fuck me again and again. As we say in French all good things have a end, this came too fast. I leave the Goddess, when I seat in the train then I already think of what happened about minutes ago. I am the petite salope of Lady Bellatrix forever and ever.

  • Petite Salope


February 2019

Lady Bellatrix only told me recently of this review platform, so I am writing this not after any particular session at the hands of this extraordinary Domme, but rather after a good dozen of them, spanning more than a year. Prior to meeting Lady Bellatrix I had always been drawn to the idea of being dominated, but without knowing what I truly identified as as a sub, or even if submission was really my thing after all. I had only dipped my toe a few times over the years with a Domme here or there on my business travels, but without really getting the bug for it. I enjoyed parts of the sessions, but it was never the overwhelming experience I had fantasised about in my head (and southern regions). Still I kept at it, with something in the back of my head telling me I simply hadn’t yet found the right Domme to, well, open me up…

But then I met Lady Bellatrix… and everything changed.

The first thing that struck me in our first session, apart from Lady Bellatrix’s natural beauty and powerful aura, is that to my surprise she really treated me like shit from the very get-go. I mean because I was a beginner prior Dommes had been to a certain degree gentle with me, probably sensing the apprehension in my demeanour. But not Lady Bellatrix… no way. Within just 5 minutes of that first session she insulted me, slapped me (and fucking hard), and spat at my face repeatedly… so much so I was immediately transported into that delicious sub space I had only heard about but never visited before. It was pure magic. Then later in the session came the strap-on play. I had told her that I had very little experience and that anal penetration had hurt me in the past, making it hard for me to enjoy it the way I had fantasised about. But Lady Bellatrix’s expertise made the whole difference. She prepped me up slowly with lube, inserting a finger at first, than another, all the while still insulting me and spitting at me (it’s amazing how much she can spit, and I love it). She was keeping me firmly in that sub space. With her experience and professionalism she could read me very well, for a first session, and knew when to push me further and open up that tight “man cunt” of mine. And then came my first real strap-on experience. She chose a small strap-on, obviously since I was tight and still somewhat a newbie, and made me sniff some poppers to relax me and make me lose inhibition. It worked fucking wonders. For the first in my life I was enjoying the anal penetration of a dildo and of being “taken”, and alongside the effect of poppers I was brought to a whole new level of sexual high. So much so I remember blurting out “oh yes please fuck me”, shouting those words naturally and instinctively… just because I wanted more. I was loving it.

That’s when I knew I was a slut, a real slut. That is my predominant kink… my thing, without a shadow of a doubt.

At the end of that first session Lady Bellatrix told me she could work my tight “sissy man cunt” over a number of sessions to accommodate a fist. I chuckled, saying no fucking way would that ever happen. Not that I didn’t want it, quite the contrary, by I thought my ass was so tight it would just physically be impossible. How naive I was… for within a year and a dozen more sessions at the hand(s) of Lady Bellatrix, it fucking happened, she was able to fist me. Another very memorable moment in my sub-slut journey, another milestone. But then Lady Bellatrix said it was only the beginning. She will get my “man cunt” to do more and has set double-fisting as one of my slave goals for 2019. The prospect scares me, but equally gets my cock rock hard. After all I am a slut now, aren’t I?

I could literally write a novel about Lady Bellatrix, her beauty, her cruel skills, what training she puts me through, what new pain-inducing or degrading act she inflicts on me during our sessions (one never resembling another), but one thing for sure stands out each time I leave the room. I feel lighter, liberated, smiling… and longing for when I can see her again so she can “fuck me up” some more.

I’ll never get enough of her, that’s how good she is.

Jerk Off Joe, Paris

November 2015

“Lady Bellatrix stands around 6′ in heels, She is slender and toned, which very much belies her physical strength. Although She is quite capable of keeping men in check with a word or look, She is also both tall and strong enough to physically dominate me. She is very much the vision of Femdom.

Lady Bellatrix is a very warm and open personality. She made me feel very much a guest in Her home and not a client (a guest with a place, of course).

Lady Bellatrix is friendly and knowledgeable, She would be excellent with those new to the scene, I can see, and is a scene icon. She pushed my boundries (expertly judged) and could lead experienced players on. Strap on is a very difficult thing to get right, in my opinion. It is also, for me, the best thing in Femdom and a marker between someone who casually scenes and someone who is lifestyle. You need skill to judge an easy start but there is also a need to dominate and ‘drive’ and play forward.

I am fairly well experienced in the scene and have played with some excellent Doms and some not so excellent ones. If you are familiar with the scene you don’t need me to write a report on Lady Bellatrix, She is an icon. If you are new to the scene or curious, you will need someone to guide you and help you realise the brilliance of Woman. I can think of no one better than Lady Bellatrix.

Lady Bellatrix is the combination of skilled, knowledgeable and contacted. I have not had the pleasure of serving under a Dom as well versed in the scene as this before. Why look any where else.

sissy danielle, Buckinghamshire

November 2015

“Lady Bellatrix greeted me at the door dressed in a latex catsuit – what more could a sub ask! The pictures are stunning – in real life even more so!

Being a rubber and fetish enthusiast I had the desire to serve someone special, not your average run of the mill escort who believed domination involved wearing tights and high heels, nor kicking seven bells out of me & screaming at the top of her voice!

I need to someone with a true understanding of domination and servitude and my path led me straight to Lady Bellatrix. Over a period of a few weeks I was able to correspond and Cam with her slowly building an understanding of what truly to expect if I was ever lucky enough to be kneeling in her presence. So the day arrived and everything I desired from my first meeting was delivered and then some!

Once inside, I was made to feel very comfortable – from the outside you could never tell what pleasure and torment lay behind these closed doors! Being a total rubber slut naturally my session revolved around rubber play, but not before Mistress laid down the law, enforcing in her way who was the boss. Make no mistake it was clear, so don’t even consider topping from the bottom you’ll come unstuck FAST!

During the session the balance of pain and pleasure was pitched perfectly, not knowing what to expect next. Just how it should be. One suitably inspected I was lucky enough to be given the privilege of shinning Mistress’s Cat-suit but not before being made to beg for it & I mean beg! This was an honour in its self and worthy of the session fee alone! Once suitable shinned, the session moved at pace, before I could gain my thoughts I was hooded and strapped into heavy rubber sleep sack. I was now powerless. Restricted, my senses removed I was unsure what to expect. Torment! Simple as, my nipples, cock & balls suitable abused, my breath restricted, like I said be careful what you wish for!

Once Lady Bellatrix could see I was suitably exhausted I was allowed a min or two to compose my thoughts before the second half of the session took place. I was lead to an upstairs play room still with my latex hood on. At this point I was think I’d rather have stayed in the bag – at least I knew what to expect! Well this time my arse took the punishment, flogged & abused by Mistress’s Strap-on.

Will I return? Wild horses wont stop me :)”

rubber robbi, London

August 2015

“Lady Bellatrix is an extremely attractive lady. As requested she was dressed head to foot in latex with the tight Catsuit she was wearing accentuating her fantastic figure. There was nothing not to like!

As you would expect Lady Bellatrix is a very confident individual. From the moment I stepped through the door I felt in safe and competent hands, which allowed me to relax and enjoy my fate. Having communicated before my arrival, Lady Bellatrix was aware of my likes and dislikes so there was not the need to discuss anything in length on the day, which I believe enhances the experience. Throughout the session there was checks on my well-being, however mostly done by reading of my reactions. Again for me this enhances the experience and clearly demonstrate her competency in this sphere of domination.

I requested a Heavy Rubber session combined with strict bondage and various plays, all of which was delivered. I had also requested Lady Bellatrix to wear head to foot latex which she did and looked fantastic in (especially masked at the end of the session!). Also she was able to provide latex clothing for me to wear, after I had an issue with some I had brought along.

I am not one to provide a minute by minute commentary, however suffice to say I asked for a restrictive Heavy Rubber session and that’s what Lady Bellatrix professionally and sensually delivered. Having been dressed, masked and restricted Lady Bellatrix proceeded to explore and push my boundaries with dominate expertise, whist providing an erotic commentary which further intensified my state of euphoria especially whilst my eyesight and communication was restricted. I withstood various sensations and procedures all of which were highly enjoyable in a pleasure and pain sense and expertly delivered. To conclude I have only positives to say about the whole experience. What not to like about being dominated by a very contentment latex clad gorgeous dominant lady. Those like me out there should run to her door and experience this first hand.

I look forward, in the not too distant future to meeting up once more with my Heavy Rubber Mistress.”

-clive, Buckinghamshire

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