Why should you tribute Me? You should be asking yourself why shouldn’t you tribute Me? Perhaps you’re a fan of My work. Or perhaps I’ve put you on a paid block for doing something stupid? Maybe I’ve been ignoring you and you want Me to notice you? Or perhaps you simply want to send a tribute because I exsit!

All of those are fine reasons. But whatever the case, I created this page with many of the several ways you can show your devotion.

Here are the many ways you can get My attention….


This is My platform of choice! Not only do I get the best commission here, it is My one stop shop. With three posts a day, live streaming and hundreds of clips, I am logged in most days. Send tips here to get My attention. Or better yet, subscribe for one year at 50% off!


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As I do not currently have an Amazon Wishlist in France, My preference is for gift vouchers to Amazon France. Although I can also accept them at Amazon UK, this is not preferrable. Send it to the email address in the image above. Please note: this email address is for gift cards only. I do not reply to emails sent to this address.

Direct Deposit UK Bank 

May take up to 5 business

days from overseas