International Dominatrix


I am a jet set International Dominatrix.

I am permanently based in Paris, France. I used to tour the world, but I have decided to make My mark on the French capital in favour of jet setting around the globe as I have in previous years.

After nearly seven years touring the world incessantly, I developed a love/hate relationship with My suitcase. While I enjoyed My time on the road, its time to shift gears and stay in one place for a while.

2020 really has been the year that changed everything! Perhaps it was a lot of reflection during lockdown, but I realised how much I love travelling. So I am pleased to announce that I have finalised My dates for My first return to the UK in a year.

I will divide My time between London, Worcester and Glastonbury. If you wish to meet at any of those locations, observe the dates I am available on My CALENDAR. No, I will not be travelling to any other destinations outside of those mentioned.

I will be doing a lot of filming while in UK. However, My shortlist is has been filled with those reliable slaves I have worked with before and it is highly unlikely I will require anyone new.


My minimum London tribute starts at £500 for two hours. Otherwise, My minimum tribute is £400 for two hours in all other locations. If you would like to spend time with Me socially in London, My tribute starts at £300 for a two hour meeting (no, I do not participate in public humiliation).

You may CONTACT Me now to express interest in real time sessions. either sessioning or taking part in My films. Or better yet, sign up to My NEWSLETTER to be the first to hear the news drop.

Needless to say, I will not be visiting the West Coast on My annual pilgrammage (coz My dad told Me not to). And it doesn’t seem likely that I will be available for you to FLY ME TO YOU anywhere outside of the EU borders for the forseeable future. Perhaps in the autumn? Who knows!

DINNER DATES (Paris and London only)

Perhaps you’d like to get to know Me a little bit better. I am charming, erudite and cultured and you will love getting to know Me outside of the whips and chains setting. It is highly unlikely that you will find Me at public fetish gatherings where all the other Femdoms attend as I prefer exclusivity and above all else, discretion. I offer a lunch date followed by a two hour session, or a two hour session followed by dinner. Ask about My special dinner date + session tribute!

PLEASE NOTE: don’t ask Me to visit your city unless you’re planning on sponsoring My trip in full

TRAVEL SPONSORSHIP – suspended until further notice, obvs


I am offering two different opportunities within Europe (once EU borders are fully open again):

Sponsored Tour:

Pay for My accommodation (My own private room in 4 or 5 star hotel) along with travel arrangements to your city anywhere within Europe, with a minimum 5 hour booking. A premiminary Skype or phone call on My premium phone line will be required to assess suitability. And then a non refundable online deposit will be required.

Private Assignment:

As above, you can foot the bill for all of My travel arrangements and accommodation for Me to visit you in your city to spend time with you exclusively. My full day rate will be required. If we have not met before, you will be required to Skype or phone Me on My premium rate number to assess suitability and expectations. A non refundable online deposit will be required.


Canada – I’m sad to say that I will not be returning to My hometown of Vancouver for My annual pilgrammage. I am sure I will return in July/August 2021, but that is a long ways away!

America – I have no plans to visit the USA whatsoever (you can thank SESTA/FOSTA for that). But once international borders reopen, maybe you can make Me change My mind! If you’re willing to fly Me to you on FULL sponsorship, I would be willing to consider. But if we’ve never communicated before, we will need to Skype first to ascertain compatibility.

International Fetish Parties

During My travels, I have atteneded many international fetish parties around the world including: Montreal, Vancouver, Amsterdam, London and of course Berlin.

I am interested in attending German Fetish Weekend 2020 but will only do so with full sponsorship. If you would like the honour of attending with an internationally acclaimed Dominatrix, get in touch! If we haven’t already met, suitablility and expectations will be discussed over an initial Skype session.

Or perhaps you’d like Me to accompany you to a local fetish party in Paris. However, please be aware that you will have had to session with Me at least once to assess compatibility. I don’t attend events with random strangers from the internet. And, of course, an attendance tribute will be required.

Places I’d like to visit: JAPAN, Hong Kong, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Germany and more!

Perhaps you’re looking for a kinky travel companion along your many business journeys.

Or perhaps you’d like a Femdom Goddess to accomany you on a luxury holiday (My preference being five star resorts and far flung tropical places)  I am charming, erudite and well spoken (plus I look fucking hot in a bikini and high heels). Having lived in several countries and travelled the world, I have many colourful stories to tell. You could be My next adventure!

I am a dual national British/Canadian and speak English, Japanese and French.

Please note: if we have never met, an initial Skype session will be required to assess suitability and expectations. Also, a non refundable online deposit will be required for any travel. No exceptions.