About Me

One of the best decisions I’ve made was moving to France to start a new chapter of My life as a Paris Dominatrix. To the outside world, Paris is one of the most sophisticated destinations on the planet, full of arts, culture and fashion which is why I feel at home here. But scratch the surface, and you will find a rich subculture of decadent fetishes and an appetite for kink. Having travelled the world extensively in My quest for global domination, I bring a vast wealth of knowledge and colourful experience never seen before in the French capital. Being the highest-profile international Dominatrix in Paris, My unmistakably unique style of domination and irresistible charm makes Me a very sought after Woman.

Bellatrix, meaning “female warrior” in Latin, originates from the constellation Orion. As the only female in a pack of randy hunters, she had to be indomitable to stand her ground and assert her power. With a namesake like that, was it any wonder I spent the first seven years of My career touring the world incessantly, carving My place in the higher echelons of Femdom? Despite My insatiable wanderlust and restless tendencies, I finally decided to make a change and lay down roots in My chosen new land. As France was a frequent destination for both professional and personal reasons, it made sense to eventually settle here to build My Fempire. And as such, I intend to create the ultimate level of Domination in Paris.

I am a high protocol, strict British Mistress and I have exceedingly high standards. I take pride in everything I do, and I enjoy forming long-lasting psychological connections with My patrons. In short, I don’t offer sessions, I offer experiences. Being in the presence of a true Femdom Queen will be cathartic and transfix you into the heady world of kink and slavery leaving a profound impact on you. Quite simply, much like My newly adopted city, I too ooze a level of elegant charm which will captivate you to keep coming back for more. Whether you’re new or experienced, My feminine intuition will guide you on the path to submission.

I am Lady Bellatrix and this is Paris Femdom.