April is Birthmonth – virtual servitude


So much has changed since My last blog. When I last wrote, I was preparing to close the doors to Chez Bellatrix, but a global pandemic beat Me to it. Here in France, everything escalated so quickly that My head is still spinning as is yours, I’m sure. But after three weeks in mandatory confinement, one starts to get used to it. And now it’s April already which as you must surely know by now, is birthmonth. And it looks like I (along with most of the rest of the world) will be in isolation. While you can’t serve Me in person, there are still so many ways you can stay in touch and show your Queen your devotion.

My birthday is April 27th

Here are the multiple ways you can serve Me virtually…before the big date and after the big date. Who knows. I will probably be confined and may have the cams and phone lines switched on for the actual day itself!




I have been on Adult Work since 2014 so it is likely that some of you already know Me from there. If you don’t already know of this website, they offer direct cam as well as phone chat. Additionally, for just £2 I have a photo gallery with more than 2000+ photos (there’s lots of xxx lesbian stuff there) as well as about 250 videos. You can check it out here:





I also offer sessions via Skype. To obtain My Skpye ID it is an initial cost of $25 and for 20 minutes, it is $100. Specific wardrobe, such as heavy rubber, will come at a premium rate.

However, if you are a member of My AVN Stars membership or Model Hub fan club (both which are $9.99/month), I will waive the initial $25.
To book your Skype session directly, fill out the form on My CONTACT page.



As a clip producer since 2012, this is something I enjoy immensely. I have moved more into the POV direction as of recent years. Anyone who has seen any of My clips know that I excel in the verbal department and that I am quite a pervert. Although I take orders for custom clips via I WANT CLIPS and/or MODEL HUB, at the moment, I prefer these to be ordered directly. Doing so will be 20% cheaper for you (as this avoids the payment processor fee). Rates for a custom clip starts at $50 for a 5 minute clip and $10 thereafter. To order your custom clip, fill out My CONTACT form for your request.



Another old favourite of mine, I’ve been on this site since 2012. Although it is predominantly for phone chat, I have a few clips up there. I do offer webcam from NF but their cut is pretty high which is reflected in My rate, so you’d be better off just booking a Skype session with Me.

Call Button



Unlike other fan sites, there are two levels to this platform. It is similar to social media and anyone can follow for free. However, the only place I post the “good stuff” or allow DMs is behind a paywall for just $9.99 per month. AVN Stars is also where I post exclusive content which you won’t find anywhere else.

For Dommes or other content producers, sign up using My referral link (above) and I can help you get started.




I now have 850+ clips on this site with a wide variety of categories for all of your Femdom fapping needs. But I also have two slightly less populated studios. One called Interrogation Bootcamp and the other dedicated to latex called Heavy Rubber Dominatrix.

For the month of April, C4S is kindly offering all of their performers 100% commission, so use these special links below:
Lady Bellatrix – Queen of Mean – www.clips4sale.com/58975

Interrogation Bootcamp – www.clips4sale.com/80345

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix – www.clips4sale.com/98643




I have about 450 clips on this site (which I have uploaded in tandem with C4S). However, there is also the opportunity to request custom clips here, premium rate phone chat and of course, the option to TIP!






I might be rather new to this site, but I have already managed to upload more than 150 clips here. There is also the option to order custom clips as well as the option to TIP! My fan club here is $9.99/month and when you subscribe, it will unlock unlimited streaming of all of My clips! Not only that, but subscribers get an additional 20% off on any downloads.






While I do have a wishlist, at the moment, it is only for the UK and My PO Box in London is closed (due to the pandemic) so I can’t get stuff forwarded to Me here in Paris as usual. I would strongly prefer gift vouchers on either Amazon UK or Amazon FR. I used to love it when slaves brought Me gifts in person, but now that life has taken a strange turn, the easiest option is gift cards until we can play again.
For Amazon UK or France send to this email address: ladybellatrix666 (a) gmail (dot) com




Better yet, if you want to send Me cash directly to My bank account for My birthday or for sessions you may have missed due to the pandemic, My bank details can be found on My BOOKING ETIQUETTE page. Or if you know My Paypal details from a previous transaction, that works too.

Whatever the case, stay safe and sound. I can’t wait until confinement is over. The first thing I will do when I get out is buy Myself a big birthday cake and wash it down with champagne.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Follow Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_LadyBellatrix_

Photo credit: Julien Reynold http://www.julienreynaud.com/

Tutorial: Getting Started on PornHub Premium


By now, I’m sure you have all heard of PornHub. If not, where have you been?! When the coronavirus reached pandemic stage, first Italy was locked down and they gave them free PornHub Premium. Then when Spain entered lockdown, they followed suit. The lockdown here in France came days later and by that stage, that was three European countries with full access to premium content. Like the rest of the world, it soon became difficult to keep up, so PornHub just said “fuck it” here is free premium for the world until the end of April!

But the good news is, if you have content viewable on Pornhub Premium, you as a content producer still get paid revenue share on the views. In a recent press release, they announced that they would also be giving producers 100% commission (minus 15% processing fees) on all sales. Read more here:


Now, I understand why some people, especially content creators may have a few ethical issues with Pornhub. But let’s park that and hear me out before you dismiss them as a platform altogether. Back in September 2019 when I first joined, I researched their stats. They really like stats and so do I. But they are so comprehensive about their traffic that I decided to go with the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy.

Also, the numbers don’t lie. Pornhub has an average of 110 million hits daily. That is over 1 billion hits a month. That was the fact that I couldn’t get out of my head and I decided that I wanted a slice of that pie. Can I just repeat that again? OVER ONE BILLION HITS A MONTH.

Pornhub is a tube site. Think of it like You Tube for porn. You upload something, tag it and watch how many views you get. Similar to YouTube, you gain subscribers, friends, people can make comments on your posts and you can also use it as a microblogging site. Warning: some dudes mistake this site for Tinder (but we are used to blocking and/or ignoring so this is nothing new).

If I’m honest, the initial reason I signed up was because even the tamest promo videos I was posting to YouTube kept on getting flagged for violating their terms. I needed host my promo videos somewhere (and to be honest, Venmo would have been more of the same as YouTube). You can use Pornhub that way but also eventually monetise your promo videos. They get more annual traffic than YouTube – and you won’t get booted off! Plus their target audience is adult content.

Then,  in recent years, Pornhub set up a sister site called Model Hub. This is similar to the clip platforms that many of you will be familiar with such as C4S, MV, IWC etc and also includes tips, customs and membership but I will elaborate on that below.

Now this is the part where you’re wondering “Bellatrix, when are you going to get to the part about making money”. Like any new platform, it took me a couple of months to figure that out. So now I pass my wisdomme off to you in this two part tutorial. But, there is a catch. More on that later…


Pornhub Basics and Stats


On Pornhub, for every 1000 hits of the free content you post, the revenue share is somewhere in the region of 67 cents. That doesn’t sound like much, but people like free stuff. The free stuff also gets you more hits to your profile. And in the long run, it will all start to pay off.

However, once you start posting your content to Model Hub behind a paywall, the revenue share goes up to somewhere in the region of $30-35 for 1000 views (based on how many subscriptions there were to Pornhub Premium that month). So the more clips you have in Model Hub, the more chances someone will stream your content. Plus, if someone loved a clip they saw in streaming, they can pay to download it. So, you see, some people actually do pay for their porn on this site!

In addition to that, Model Hub also has a fan club option (similar to OF, AVN Stars etc) where you can charge a monthly fee for unlimited streaming for clips you have posted, plus you can also add exclusive content to your account which only your fans can see. There is also the option for your fans to tip you and they can order custom videos similar to many other sites we’re used to. But how many other websites can boast one billion hits a month?

So, now that it looks like so much of the world is either on mandatory or personal isolation, for the entire month of April, they are be offering Pornhub Premium for free to everyone. But we are still getting paid for it! That means loads more hits to your Model Hub account and potential traffic that might have never otherwise passed your way. And to help out content creators, they are upping the payout percentages for clip sales, tips and membership fees for the month of April. So let’s get cracking!


PART ONE – Setting up your Pornhub and Model Hub account


The first step is setting up your Pornhub account, under the model’s section.


At the initial stage when you sign up, it will just be a regular Pornhub account. In the beginning, I suggest that you post between 2 to 4 videos of your old material that you don’t mind giving away for free. That will bring some initial traffic and get you a few subscribers while you wait to get approved.

Next, you will have to take a verification photo (you holding up a piece of paper with your username). The third step is where you add your ID then once that is approved, you will then have a Model Hub account. In my case, it was approved within a few hours, but bear in mind, traffic is up at the moment so it may take a little while longer.

Once your Model Hub account is approved, you can set up your profile. There you will have the opportunity to add outbound links to your personal website (but if you do real time meets, do not use this site to solicit as it is against the T&C and you’ll be deactivated). You can also add your Twitter, Instagram and link to your Amazon wishlist. Under the streaming section, you can also write blogs and promote Skype sessions and other platforms you’re on. Pretty cool if you ask me.


  • But before I go any further…once you are ready to set up your Model Hub account, please bear in mind that you MUST upload the ID for all models appearing in your videos. So for every film slave and/or Domina who appears in your videos, you must have a signed model release form as well as their government issued ID. If you do not practice this as a producer then you cannot use this site. They are very stringent about this unlike other sites I’ve been on (with the exception of maybe Nite Flirt). So even if you have a great video of Slave Bob sucking on your toes, without his model release form and/or ID, you cannot post this. It is always a good practice to keep records in case of a 2257 audit or copyright infringement (or a falling out with a very large ego or ex-boyfriend). So if you don’t have this for some or all of your content, you cannot upload it for monetisation. One final and important note on this, upload the IDs BEFORE you upload the clip. Because I didn’t do that and I landed in hot water (although it was rectified within 48 hours when I uploaded all the IDs).

And yes, while Pornhub is mostly blowjobs and P in V type porn, don’t be mistaken how much of that traffic is also searching for BDSM, kink, fetish and most important to me, Femdom. As I said, they really like stats, so chew on this for a while…


As I have produced something like 850 clips (with more constantly in production), I have been whacking a lot of my old content into Model Hub. Back in January when I first tried to get my head around this site, I decided not to market it anywhere on social media, my website or my newsletter just to see what the organic traffic would be like. I also set myself a challenge of uploading 100 clips in one month. I’m not saying that’s what you have to do here, but it was my own challenge to see what would happen.

In one month, I gained about 500 subscribers and rose about 3000 places in the model rank. The initial payout is $100 and I made a lot more that month from a combination of the free clips on the Pornhub site in addition to the 100+ clips I had uploaded in Model Hub as well as clip sales. It was only then that I started advertising my profile and member’s site to my following once it was already up and running.

The one thing that annoys me with all of these member’s sites is that they rely solely on you to bring your own following to them to make bank. But here, there is already so much organic traffic that it brings people to you who might have not heard of you before.

So, have a look at my accounts to see what I’ve done decide if this is something for you:

Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/model/lady-bellatrix

Model Hub: https://www.modelhub.com/lady-bellatrix/videos

PART TWO – Monetising your Model Hub account

Remember when I said there was a catch? Well here it is. There is the Model Hub Referral Scheme. For everyone who signs up under my code number, I make a referral bonus of $50.

Here is my direct referral link: https://www.pornhub.com/model/referrals?referral=999883991

Or you can enter the referral number: 999883991

As I have mentioned, it took me a couple of months to get my head around this site. Not that I am saying it is difficult, it takes time to learn any new platform. But I was glued to this site day and night for about a month straight trying to reach my 100 clip upload challenge. I found quite a few short cuts. But I also made quite a few rookie mistakes. Their Terms and Conditions are absolutely vast and I learnt a lot of tips and tricks along the way.

Therefore, if you use my referral code, I can help you fast track your way into Model Hub. This is to be entered at the stage when you begin adding your personal details under Settings – Primary Model Information. You will need to have at least two videos uploaded and approved for it to reach my account. And once that arrives, I will give you the full part two of the tutorial – how to monetise your Model Hub account.

If you would like PART TWO in full, you can CONTACT me via this form to get in touch.

As everyone is indoors either wanking or creating content for wankers, jump on this opportunity while it is HOT!

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

Last chance to session at Chez Bellatrix in Paris



MARCH 31st

That’s right lovers and losers! It is the last chance to session with Me at Chez Bellatrix in le Marais on March 31st. I have been at this beautiful penthouse apartment for nearly a year and a half, which in recent years has been the longest I have stayed in the same location. But I am getting restless and it is time to move on! And with that, I will soon be closing the doors to Chez Bellatrix in Paris.

Therefore, this is the last call for slaves and submissives both old and new to put in their polite requests to serve Me between now and the end of the month.

Since I made the announcement of My departure on TWITTER there have been a lot of questions and speculations. No, I do not have coronavirus. No, I am not retiring. To be clear, after March 31st I will be on hiatus from taking Femdom rendez-vous in Paris for the foreseeable future.

What I am doing and why is on a need to know basis. If you would really like to know, I’d be happy to tell you personally if you book a session before March 31st. Otherwise, you are welcome to call Me on one of My premium rate phone lines for a chat 😉

It is definitely the end of an era and I would like to thank those who came to visit for your continuing support on My exciting journey as a Parisienne Dominatrice.

There will be more news in coming weeks. By now, you should know that I like to trickle feed My developments, so hold tight for more updates soon. Sign up to My NEWSLETTER to be the first to hear the news as it breaks.




It never ceases to amaze Me the assumptions people make and all the questions asked when I make a major announcement. So do you REALLY want to know what I’m up to next? I would be more than happy to tell you over the phone or on webcam. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait like the rest of genpop to know what My next move will be.

Here are the links to My premium rate chat lines:




If you can’t do either and still have questions, feel free to send a 25 euro gift voucher to Amazon France to: ladybellatrix666(a)gmail.com



So many of you are telling Me that you’re working from home and/or travelling less due to obvious global factors. So for just a tenner a month, you can access 120+ Femdom clips! Check out My Model Hub profile where I continue to upload more and more of My historic clips. Think of it like Netflix for kinksters!


I also continue to upload new content every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to My tried and true studios.



As I will remain at Chez Bellatrix for the next three weeks, its also last call to get your custom clip request orders in either via Model Hub or I Want Clips. Tick tock!

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

Mistress Eleise returns to Chez Bellatrix


February 23 to 28

I am pleased to report that My dear friend Mistress Eleise will be coming to visit Me at Chez Bellatrix again. She has just confirmed her dates and will be available with Me as a duo between February 23rd to 28th only. She informs Me that she is coming on these dates to celebrate her birthday in the French captial. So let’s make this a birthday for her to remember!

We are now taking respectful applications from prospective slaves and submissives.

Together we have been bruising male egos since 2013 and although our styles are very different, we compliment each other well. But this will be your last chance to serve us as a duo for a long time after this as she informs Me she will not be returning to Paris until July at the earliest.

Our tribute is 600 euros for one hour or 1000 for two hours.

A minimum of 24 hours notice will be required and a non refundable deposit is manatory.

We cater to a wide variety of interests and will respect boundaries, and we welcome new and returning patrons. However, if you have not met either of us before, to be considered, you must fill out this application form on My CONTACT page.

We look forward to meeting with our adoring Parisians.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Model Hub – Unlimited Streaming 100+ videos for just $9.98/month


Unlimited Stream 100+ videos for just $9.98/month

Unlimited streaming of 100+ Femdom videos for just $9.98/month

By now I’m sure you have all heard of Porn Hub, however, they also have a subscription side to their platform called Model Hub. I have been a busy bee over the winter and I have now added over 100+ clips to my account.


As I am rather new to this platform, I am offering an introductory promotion for unlimited streaming of My growing collection of Femdom clips. As I have been a producer of Femdom content since 2012, I have amassed over 800 videos which I will slowly be adding as time goes on.

Some benefits to taking My trial offer:

– Unlimited streaming of 100+ Femdom videos for just $9.98/month
– An additional 15% off on all downloads
– DMs are open to all fan club members

Model Hub also allows the opportunity to order custom videos as well as the option to tip, so if you see something you like, you know what to do! But hurry, this introductory offer ends February 14th (because I’m romantic that way).

Check it out here:


I also have a few FREE videos on Porn Hub so if you’d like to “try before you buy” go check them out, comment and like!


In My usual quest for Global Domination, I am taking My Femdom fuckery mainstream. So, give it a whirl and let Me know what you think!

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

Diary of a Paris Dominatrix

Diary of a Paris Dominatrix

As the end of the year draws to a close, I reflect on My time as the highest profile international Dominatrix in Paris. There have been more ups and downs than a roller coaster even for someone who doesn’t do anything in halves. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. On a personal level, I continue with My French studies every week and though My oral abilities are coming along nicely, it will be a while until I start blogging in My third language.

Over the last twelve months at Chez Bellatrix, besides the French poplulation, I have welcomed slaves from England, Spain, Dubai, Austria, America, Signapore and Denmark. This only solidifies My decision to cut down on touring. Why should I visit the world, when the world comes to Me! That’s not to say, of course, that I couldn’t be seduced to travel on My FLY ME TO YOU arrangement.

Which brings Me to My first point. I will be staying in Paris for the duration of the Christmas holidays. While the country has been crippled by transport strikes, protests and power outages, life must go on.


I wrote about My special Mistress for Christmas session + dinner date package in an earlier BLOG. So if you find yourself without someone special to be with or stranded in Paris, consider Me your kinky companion to celebrate the big day with. You will wine Me and dine Me then afterwards, I’ll take you back to Chez Bellatrix to for a night of festive Femdom GFE. I will enjoy upwrapping all the gifts you got Me, then to be served as only a Queen desesrves to be.

Please note: while I am available on Christmas day, it will ONLY be for the package deal and not for a same day basic session. And with a special Christmas package, comes a special tribute.



Social Media

If you haven’t heard by now, Twitter will be changing their Terms of Service (TOS) as of January 1st 2020 and they are tightening the noose on censorship. Those of you who have followed Me on social media for a while will notice that I got kicked off Instagram last summer and rarely post on Facebook. Since then, I have gone PG-13 on Twitter and no longer post XXX content whatsoever (and cleaned up My language – I no longer even say losers). So, there is a huge possibility that not only Me, but many of My colleagues will disappear without a trace in the new year.

Where will you be able to find Me if that happens?

AVN Stars is a new social media platform created by established industry giants so I trust they not only know what they’re doing, but have staying power. Lots of fellow Mistresses (and other adult industry types) have been flocking over there. It is free to follow and has a similar social media platform to Twitter. And there is also the premium fanclub section. I currently offer a membership at the low monthly rate of $9.99 so go sign up for free and give it a go. Then for the price of a cheap bottle of wine, you can sign up to My members site to enjoy the filthy stuff I used to post for free.

Here is My direct link: www.maitresseparisienne.com

For Dommes and any other adult performers reading this, if you sign up using this referral link, I can offer basic advice getting started.

I also send out a newsletter about once a month. Again, if censorship gets the best of the adult industry, signing up to My newsletter will be a direct way of staying in touch with My updates and musings. If you haven’t already signed up, CLICK HERE

Sessions at Chez Bellatrix

Social media is not the only place where the TOS are changing as of January 1st 2020. As I announced early in autumn, I will be changing the way I accept bookings. Deposits were already made mandatory for new clients earlier this year. But now from the new year on, the minimum session duration for new clients will be 90 minutes. No exceptions. I find one hour too rushed and I also aspire to a higher level of slaves in My world. I didn’t move to Paris to be mediocre and so I’m upping My game.

Please note: I have not decided to put My tribute up for the time being. The only change is the minimum 90 minute booking for new clients. If you are an existing regular, this will not affect you.


I have reached the 800 clip milestone on Clips for Sale and to celebrate, I am offering a Free Custom Clip to anyone who spends $75 in a single transaction. For full details, see the BLOG I wrote a little while ago.

Visit My clip studio and start binging and jerking using this special link: www.femdomroyalty.com

Auld Lang Syne

So, with all that, I look forward to seeing My long suffering slaves before the end of the year. But if you can’t visit Me at Chez Bellatrix before then, there is always My WISHLIST to show your devotion.

I’m not a Christian, but I am a Capitalist. So the phone lines will be on and I’ll be available on webcam and Skype all throughout the Christmas period.

Call Button

I thank you all for your support thorougout the years. I have a lot of huge goals for next year, especially as it will mark ten years as a Professional Dominatrix. Stick with Me lovers and losers. I’m levelling up big time for the next decade and this is a ride you will want to be part of…

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: a new look website is finally in the works for the new year and I can’t wait to show you all




Christmas is fast approaching with just four weeks away until the big day. As per usual, I will be available all during the festive season so now is the time to be making plans to spend your Christmas with Mistress!

As I am not currently planning on travelling away from Paris during the holiday period, perhaps you could persuade Me to change My plans. With that in mind, I am currently offering distinguished slaves the opportunity to spend Christmas with your favourite Mistress.

Christmas is often when people spend time with families but some people, like Myself cannot be with their families during the festivities. Others do not celebrate Christian holidays but find themselves with a lot of time on their hands at this time of year. Perhaps you may find yourself alone with no one to open presents with and share a glass of champagne over a candle light meal with the backdrop of something altogether more kinky. That’s where I come in…

Therefore, I’m pleased to inform you that I will be offering a special Christmas package for those who want to do something a little bit different. Think of it like a festive Femdom GFE. Either spend the day with Me here in Paris on My special Mistress for Christmas session + dinner date package, or better yet, whisk Me away to a forgeign land for an extended holiday as a private tour.

Enquire about My special Christmas packages and make this My best Christmas ever!

But if you can’t be with Me this Christmas, you can still show your appreciation by getting Me something from My WISHLIST

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: just a reminder, as of January 1st 2020, I will no longer offer one hour sessions

Sign up to My NEWSLETTER

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Double Domination with K8 Morgan and Mistress Eleise


Things are set to get quite busy at Chez Bellatrix in the coming weeks. I have two guest Dominas coming to visit Me back to back. My esteemed friends Miss K8 Morgan and Mistress Eleise are coming to Paris for a visit. Read on for more details.

K8 Schrodringer – November 22nd only

My dear friend K8 Morgan usually swoops in from Madrid about once every six weeks and doesn’t stay in Paris that long. On this occasion, we have found some time in our busy schedules to offer duo sessions on Friday, November 22nd in the afternoon only. We only have availability in the afternoon on this date so act quickly to snap up this opportunity.


Mistress Eleise – November 28 to December 3rd

After a long hiatus from Paris, Mistress Eleise finally makes her way back to the French capital to team up with Me to offer Femdom sessions from November 28th to December 3rd. We’ve been working together since 2013 and although our styles of Domination are quite different, we compliment each other brilliantly.

Our tribute for a duo session starts at 600 euros for one hour or 1000 euros for two hours. A deposit is required in advance and 24 hour notice. No same day appointments will be considered.


If you would like to request the company of either of My friends, a deposit will be required and it goes without saying that advanced booking is expected. Both of My friends and I are extremely selective about whom we will see, so only those distinguished applicants will be permitted an audience. Because, together, we are double trouble!

Read more on My DOUBLE DOMINATION page. Or sign up to My NEWSLETTER for up to date info!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Overnight Heavy Rubber Sessions in Paris

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix of Paris

Overnight Heavy Rubber Sessions

It’s no secret that My favourite type of sessions are Heavy Rubber. It is more than just a sexy second skin, but the transformative ambiance it creates during a scene. Recently, much to My delight, one of My regular rubber sluts inquired if we could do an overnight session. As this was something I hadn’t done before at Chez Bellatrix in Paris, I thought it could be fun.

Already dressed head to toe in latex, the session began in the evening by Me throwing him into the vac bed and hoovering him into a deep rubber submission. After he could take no more, he was dressed in a latex catsuit and hood, to match his Mistress. Being such an obedient slave, I decided to reward him by polishing My sexy latex encased ass. After several hours of Femdom games, he was thrown into the latex body bag where he was left to sleep (under My careful supervision, of course). When the morning came, he was released from the latex encasement, not before a little bit more play, then given a special drink of champagne and sent on his merry way.

After reflecting on such an intense rubber session, it made My head swirl with decadent delight. So much so, that I have decided to open My books to offer overnight heavy rubber sessions. Or for those serious rubber fetishists, a full day of latex play.

Do you think you could handle spending the night with the Heavy Rubber Dominatrix of Paris? Enquire within…

Changes in 2020

Also, this is an advance notice that I will be changing the structure of the way I session. At the time of writing, I have decided to no longer offer same day sessions to new clients. And from January 2020, I will no longer be offering one hour sessions. My rate will also be increasing. If you wish to maintain My current rate, book a session with Me now.

If you are a current, regular slave, you will not be affected by these changes.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


FOLLOW ME ON AVN STARS! www.maitresseparisienne.com

AVN Stars – a new social media platform

AVN Stars – a new social media platform

Greetings from Chez Bellatrix in Paris,

Times are a changing…can you feel it? Because I sure can! Sweeping changes are taking place globally and as such, so is social media and the way we use it.

Sadly, I lost My account on Instagram in August at 15,000 followers. But before I attempt to set up a new one, I decided to clean up My act on Twitter. So for the past few weeks, after a massive tweet delete, I have I have decided to go PG-13 on My twitter account. With algorithms constantly changing and the noose of censorship tightening, I predict huge changes on the horizon.

So what happens to all the XXX and fun stuff I used to post? That’s where AVN Stars comes in. If you are interested in adult content whatsoever, you would have had to been living under a rock to have not heard of AVN, so in My opinion, its a brand that can be trusted.

So when AVN came out with a a new combination social media platform with the option of a member’s site, I thought I would give it a go. Its free for anyone to sign up to the social media side of things, but there is also a fan site option where smut creators like Me can post the super juicy content behind a pay wall.

And so far so good! In just three weeks, my following has started grow and to make the shift over.

If you’re a fellow Domina, its a safe place to post your super sexy content. And for the super savvy slaves, you will find more and more of your favourite Mistresses there, such as yours truly. This is a band wagon to jump on.

So go check it out! Here is My personalised referral link:


See you on the other side.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: sign up to My NEWSLETTER while you’re at it 😉