Kinky Multi Slave Party with Miss Mighty on June 27

Miss Mighty and Lady Bellatrix

Kinky Multi-Slave Party

Wednesday, June 27th from 15.00 to 18.00 – Swiss Cottage, NW3

Fresh from her return from Paris, Lady Bellatrix will be joining Miss Mighty once again to hold their notorious Kinky Multi-Slave Party on Wednesday, June 27th from 15:00 to 18:00.

The Femdom festivities will take place at Miss Mighty’s fully equipped chambers in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The tribute for each slot is £300 with the possibility of extending longer to live out your kinky desires. Deposit required to reserve your place.

Some of the activities our slaves can expect include: strap-on, humiliation, bondage, suspension, electrics and even f0rced bi. While boundaries will be respected, you are expected to come with an open mind. Let the Mistresses handle the rest.

Lady Bellatrix will also be available for sessions in Swiss Cottage, London between July 23 to July 4th.


APPLY: or ring Miss Mighty on 07977212857


London Dominatrix – November 14-18


The QUEEN of MEAN has returned to LONDON!!

Available November 14-18 ONLY in Swiss Cottage, NW3

I am Lady Bellatrix – elegant, discerning and strict.

LONDON: As usual, I will be conducting Femdom sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The dungeon is kitted out with Fetters equipment complete with suspension and a separate medical room. There are also facilities for extended or overnight caging.

I am an international Dominatrix and fetish model. You may recognise Me from The English Mansion, Club Stiletto, Interrogation Bootcamp or more recently Redlight Central TV.

I have recently relocated to Paris, France. However, I am on an extended tour of the UK and will have limited availability throughout November and December. Only on the dates shown above.

I specialise in HEAVY RUBBER. Some of My other favourite activities include ballbusting, CP, interrogation, mind control and extreme humiliation (face slapping, spitting, verbal debasement). A session with Me could be described as intense but I do have a more sensual side. Some of the softer activities I enjoy include role play, tie and tease and the foot connoisseur will delight in worshipping My highly arched feet.

Duo sessions available with Miss Mighty.

I also offer extended bookings, overnight caging and outcalls to four star hotels are welcome.

Advanced booking is recommended.


My London tribute starts at £250/hour



Marilyn Model

Paris, London and beyond!

Greetings lovers and losers!


Life is coming a long fine in Paris and its nearly been three whole months since I’ve moved here. The French language lessons are coming along well and it has been great meeting My regular slaves as well as welcoming new ones into My Parisian harem.

I remain in Paris up to August 9th and available to session every day from a fully equipped dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. Same day sessions are available, subject to availability, if booked before 14h00 on the day.


As your reigning Queen of Mean, I will return to My London realm between August 13th to 21st.

As usual, I will be sessioning from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The chambers are furnished with several pieces of Fetters furniture along with suspension and an authentic medical room. Heavy rubber sessions are also available. We have a full latex wardrobe for men along with all the accessories for an intense total enclosure experience!

My tribute starts at £250 an hour.

I will also be hosting a kinky multi-slave party with My partner in crime Miss Mighty and our slave girl on Wednesday, August 16th. There will be two slots of two hours each. The first one is at 14h00 to 16h00 and then again from 18h00 to 20h00. The tribute for each slot is £300. Activities to include: strap-on, humiliation, bondage and suspension, electrics and f0rced bi. While boundaries will be respected, you are expected to come with an open mind!


After My tour to London, I will be visiting Amsterdam from September 8th to 10th and I’ll be attending Europerve in My shiniest rubber. But more on that in My next newsletter.

From September onward, I will continue to be based in Paris. I will be stepping up the video production. So any film slaves who are interested, get in contact then.

Before the end of the year, I will return to London at least once more and with My ever intrepid wanderlust, who knows, maybe I’ll visit a city near you. I am always open to genuine requests for sponsorship, so just ask!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Domination in Paris in July and London tour dates


Greetings lovers and losers!

As a newly fledged Paris Dominatrix, I’m pleased to report that it has been two months since My relocation from the UK. I didn’t anticipate how different living here and touring here would be. But I am now finally starting to get settled in. I am taking intensive French lessons and although I can speak to a decent conversational level, My writing ability is still not very strong.

I will be available for Femdom sessions from My fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. I will be available every day in July and the first half of August.

Same day sessions may be possible (subject to availability).


Additionally, this month sees My return to cam! And as such, I will be gearing up in My latex catsuit from My Parisian dungeon. I will be available on Adult Work, Nite Flirt or Skype.

So if you can’t serve Me in person, you can still serve Me on-line!

Check out My webcam page more details HERE


I will also resume filming during July and August. If you are based in Paris, contact Me on My website for more information. There will be a 100 euro tribute required (payable in advance) and you will need to sign a model release and bring one piece of government issued ID.

In the meantime, you can check out My C4S Studio for some Femdom fuckery here:


I will be returning to London between August 13th to 22nd. I will be available for Femdom sessions at My fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage.

My perverted partner in crime Miss Mighty and I will be hosting a multi-slave party on Wednesday, August 16th. More details to follow!

Visit My website for more information or if you’re not already following Me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM be sure to check in for daily status updates!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix




December Femdom Frolics

bella-xmas04wmGreetings lovers and losers!

So here we find ourselves entering the last month of the year. A good time to take stock and reflect…but not before the festive fuckery season is upon us! I have had one hell of a year and for those of you who know Me (or at least have been following Me for sometime) will know that I am exceedingly ambitious and won’t rest until I have achieved global domination.

Over the last year I have clocked up nearly 40,000 kilometers (that’s 24,600 miles). My travels have taken Me to seven different countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I’ve been to the Canary Islands, Bologna, Munich, Paris 4 times, Zurich twice, Vancouver, Los Angeles not to mention the mini tours within the UK.

So for the rest of the year, for a change, I’ll be a domestic creature and host to a whole to a very kinky Christmas at Chez Bellatrix. As it was “no tour November” I have spent a lot of time upgrading My dungeon. A video update of My chambers will be available next week on My site.

Over the course of the next 6 months, I will be touring a bit less and focusing more on producing content. Therefore I will be filming more frequently on location in Buckinghamshire (as well as other locations when announced). I am now recruiting FILM SLAVES for the first shoot date on December 6th and 7th. The tribute is £100 (payable upfront) and activities to include: sploshing, food fetish, mummification, strap on and more.

The Forced Bi Spunktacular returns on December 9th in London! MISS MIGHTY and I are teaming up again at her exclusive fully equipped dungeon in London NW3 with two different slots for slaves to unleash their inner slut! Afternoon sluts can attend between 2pm to 4pm and evening sluts can attend from 6pm to 8pm. The tribute is £200 and you’ll be required to pay a non refundable deposit to attend. Limits respected, humiliation guaranteed!

I am also pleased to announce the debut of LADY LIBERTY HARKNESS who is a high profile English TS. She will be coming to Chez Bellatrix to play for two days of filth on December 13th and 14th and the tribute is £350/hour. Deposit is required and advance booking is strongly recommended!

Additionally, My dear sister MISS TIFFANY NAYLOR and CATE FURY are coming for a visit to Chez Bellatrix on Saturday, December 17th for our Mistress Christmas party. Come and serve us and spoil us! Tribute is £200 (payable in advance)

I have given you a lot to chew on for now. There will be other updates later on in the month with promotional news from My member’s site HEAVY RUBBER DOMINATRIX as well as exact Christmas availability, tour dates for Paris and Zurich plus more special guests coming to visit in January.


Dec 6/7 Film slaves Buckinghamshire (tribute £100)

Dec 9t Forced Bi Spunktacular with Miss Mighty – London (tribute £200)

Dec 13/14 Introducing TS Lady Harkness in Buckinghamshire (tribute £350)

Dec 17 Mistress Christmas dinner with Miss Tiffany Naylor and Cate Fury (tribute £200)

Dec 18-31 Session availability in Buckinghamshire and London – (available over 24/25/26 is booked in advance)

Forced Bi Spunktacular in London



December 9th afternoon or evening

Calling all cock suckers!

Miss Mighty and Lady Bellatrix present an afternoon of festive filth. In the lead up to Christmas its time to unleash your inner slut.

We are hosting a multi slave party at Miss Mighty’s fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage. This is a private dungeon so you will be entering the exclusive world of two of London’s most well known Dommes.

Some of the activities you can expect:

– strap on

– spit roast

– feminisation

– forced bi

– bondage

– suspension

– and much more!

Two slots to choose from:

Daytime slut: 2PM to 4PM

Evening slut: 6PM to 8PM

Tribute £200


Limits respected. Humiliation guaranteed.


Swiss Cottage Mistress



Greetings lovers and losers!

I am pleased to announce My new private London premises in Swiss Cottage!

Operations have moved from Hampstead recently to a fantastic new discrete location still within the NW3 postcode. There is ample parking or if you’re arriving by tube, it is a 2 minute walk from the station (Jubilee line).

I am available to session on scheduled dates as found in the DIARY of My website. Same day sessions may be possible on those days only. For sessions outside of the scheduled dates, I will require a minimum of 48 hours notice. A deposit is required from all new patrons.

The new dungeon in Swiss Cottage has two distinct play spaces. A kinky medical room and a fully equipped dungeon. This place is seriously kitted out!

Medical Room – in this authentic medical environment there is a hospital bed for bondage as well as medical examinations. With all the trimmings to make medical fetish scenarios and role plays possible, step into My kinky clinic for…

– electro play

– breath play

– needle play

– medical examinations

– urethral sounds

– fisting

Dungeon Room – the larger play space is an atmospheric dungeon with a large suspension frame with hydraulics and several other high end pieces from Fetter’s such as a spanking bench, gyno chair, upright and full length cage (perfect for overnight sessions), a St. Andrew’s cross and more. This room also boasts an impressive amount of implements on display such as:

– canes

– floggers

– cuffs

– collars

– ropes

– hoods

– strap-on and vibrators (all shapes and sizes)

– large insertables

The new chambers are ideal for a variety of BDSM scenarios and activities such as slut training, serious bondage and My particular favourite HEAVY RUBBER! For rubber enthusiasts, the following is available for your shiny fantasies:

– heavy rubber

– vac bed

– vast latex wardrobe for men

– body bags (leather and latex)

– inflatable gags and hoods

Double sessions available with Miss Mighty.

I look forward to seeing you at the new chambers in London!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

April is Birthmonth

Greetings lovers and losers!


My birthday is April 27th.

Put it in your diary now!


Bella profile vignette

As usual all of My adoring subjects pay hommage to their Queen of Mean during this month. Attend to My needs in person by booking a real time session along My many travels, serve Me online or ring My premium rate numbers. Otherwise, there are always my recently updated WISHLISTS.



I love latex! So if you really want to treat Me, gift vouchers from Libidex are always appreciated!

April’s gemstone is diamond. But I also have a fetish for CA$H and gold – because just like Me, it will never depreciate in value.


$50 Tribute

$100 Tribute

$200 Tribute

April is also the birthmonth of Vancouver’s exotic MISS JASMINE on April 24th. For the third year running we are having our Mistress Birthday Tour. We will be offering duo sessions in Buckinghamshire on April 28th and 29th only. Advance booking is recommended as our time is limited.

I am usually quite a busy bee, but this month is seeming to prove an even greater flurry of activity.

Here are some important dates for the month

April 4th – Rubber Clinic with Miss Mighty in Hampstead, London

April 5th – Redlight Central TV – Domme Night on Sky Channel 910 from 22.00

April 5th and 6th – Bristol sessions at House du Croix

April 7th – Worcester (Film slave required. Tribute required)

April 8th and 9th – London Hampstead (by appointment)

April 10th to 13th – Special assignment in Italy (top secret)

April 16th onward – Buckinghamshire Palace (new private venue)

April 24th Miss Jasmine’s birthday

April 27th Lady Bellatrix birthday

April 28th and 29th only – Double Trouble with Me and Miss Jasmine

photo credit: Mistress Eve

Rubber Clinic

Rubber Clinic


Saturday, April 4th in Hampstead, London


Mighty-Bella promo text

Greetings lovers and losers!

Miss Mighty and Lady Bellatrix are joining forces to hold a Rubber Clinic dungeon party on Saturday, April 4th starting at 2pm until 7pm. Both Mistresses will be clad in shiny latex and putting their rubber sluts through the paces.

The Hampstead chambers is fully equipped with an authentic medical room and dungeon including hydraulic suspension for elaborate bondage and medical scenarios. The chambers also has an ample selection of catsuits in all sizes and colours for attending slaves.

Mighty Bella 02

Over the Easter weekend, these dynamic Dommes will be whipping up their latex covered slaves into a frenzy of filth for an afternoon of slut training, sensory deprivation and full medical examinations. For those seeking to escape the confines of their otherwise mundane experience, step into their Rubber Clinic for a kinky check up!

Boundaries will be respected but the two Mistresses are seeking to expand the limits of both seasoned slaves as well as newbies alike. It is the perfect occasion to visit this much talked about exclusive venue for a bank holiday banquet of debauchery.

Tribute £400. Non refundable deposit required.

Hampstead collage


New Chambers in Hampstead

Greetings lovers and losers of Hampstead!


I now session exclusively from a privately run, fully equipped chambers
in Hampstead London (NW3)


I am available to session on scheduled dates. Sam day sessions may be possible on those dates ONLY. For sessions outside of the dates listed in My diary, I will require a minimum of 24 hours notice. A deposit may be required to confirm your appointment.

The chambers in Hampstead comprise of two distinct rooms. The medical room and dungeon.

Hampstead collage

MEDICAL – in this authentic medical environment there is a hospita bed for bondage as well as heavy rubber. With all the trimmings to make medical fetish scenarios and role plays possible, step into My kinky clinic for…

– large insertables

– fisting

– slut training

– needle play

– electro play

– breath play

– medical examinations

– urethreal sounds

– toilet training

– heavy rubber (vac bed, vast latex wardrobe for men)

– inflatable gags and hoods

DUNGEON – the other play room has a dungeon ambiance with a large bondage frame with hydraulic suspension and several other pieces of equipment such as spanking bench, gyno chair, upright cage, St. Andrew’s Cross and more. This room also boasts an impressive amount of implements such as…

– canes

– floggers

– collars

– ropes

– hoods

– strap-on and vibrators (all shapes and sizes)

AVAILABILITY – check My diary for immediate availability. This is updated frequently. I may be available for same day sessions on the days indicated in My diary (subject to availablity). For sessions outside of these scheduled dates, I will require a minimum of 24 hours and a deposit may be required.

DOUBLE DOMINATION – I am able to offer Double Domination sessions with Miss Mighty