Overnight Heavy Rubber Sessions in Paris

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix of Paris

Overnight Heavy Rubber Sessions

It’s no secret that My favourite type of sessions are Heavy Rubber. It is more than just a sexy second skin, but the transformative ambiance it creates during a scene. Recently, much to My delight, one of My regular rubber sluts inquired if we could do an overnight session. As this was something I hadn’t done before at Chez Bellatrix in Paris, I thought it could be fun.

Already dressed head to toe in latex, the session began in the evening by Me throwing him into the vac bed and hoovering him into a deep rubber submission. After he could take no more, he was dressed in a latex catsuit and hood, to match his Mistress. Being such an obedient slave, I decided to reward him by polishing My sexy latex encased ass. After several hours of Femdom games, he was thrown into the latex body bag where he was left to sleep (under My careful supervision, of course). When the morning came, he was released from the latex encasement, not before a little bit more play, then given a special drink of champagne and sent on his merry way.

After reflecting on such an intense rubber session, it made My head swirl with decadent delight. So much so, that I have decided to open My books to offer overnight heavy rubber sessions. Or for those serious rubber fetishists, a full day of latex play.

Do you think you could handle spending the night with the Heavy Rubber Dominatrix of Paris? Enquire within…

Changes in 2020

Also, this is an advance notice that I will be changing the structure of the way I session. At the time of writing, I have decided to no longer offer same day sessions to new clients. And from January 2020, I will no longer be offering one hour sessions. My rate will also be increasing. If you wish to maintain My current rate, book a session with Me now.

If you are a current, regular slave, you will not be affected by these changes.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


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No Tour November – London Dominatrix


Greetings lovers and losers,

The dust has finally settled. In the two month period from the start of August until the end of October, I ended up clocking up 25,000 km (16,000 miles) in My bid for global domination. In Latin, My name means “female warrior” and I certainly feel that I’ve been living up to that!

My journey started with My debut at the stunning new studio in Zurich aptly named Der Femdom where they definitely take Domination to the Next Level. From there, I ventured to My hometown of Vancouver for the first time in two years and hung out with the Club Stiletto crew and My real life bestie Miss Jasmine. From there it was down south to Los Angeles where I lunched a lot with My homegirl Snow Mercy and got up to general badassery with her. Sessions took place at The Ivy Manor and there was even multi Mistress party called Eyes Wide Shut, Mouth Wide Open (which is pretty self explanatory). Shortly after, another return to Der Femdom in time for their Grand Opening party and another week in residence.

October saw Me in the UK to catch up on a bit of rest. But after two weeks of sessions between London and Buckinghamshire, I packed my chic bag of trix and headed to My apartment in 13eme in Pars to see My French subbies. Home just long enough to re-pack and do some laundry, I headed to the Redlight Central studios in Bristol for The Domme Show as well as stopping off at House du Croix for some slut training with my West Country harem.

Bridges were built. Bridges were burnt. And I’d like to thank every one who touched My life in some way, shape or form while on the road and in between.

But now I’m back. And I’m fucking tired. And I’ve decided to stay put for the time being and put My feet up. So I proclaim this “no tour November”.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment and I have many big personal decisions ahead of Me. So for now until Christmas I will be focusing My attention on My long suffering British harem…but after that, for how long, only time will tell.

While the end of the world is not upon us, it feels like it is just around the bend. Enjoy this moment of quiet before the storm comes. Because when it does, I’ll still be standing…in My latex catsuit.

Session availability in London NW3 and Buckinghamshire in the month of November.

Strictly by appointment.

London’s leading Lady of Latex,




Photos: Charlie Pycraft

Shoreditch rooftop, March 2016

London Latex Mistress


Greetings lovers and losers!

I am back in London after touring the west coast and Europe. But it won’t be long until I pack My chic bag of trix and fly off to My next location.

Come visit My fully equipped chambers in NW3 in London for a session with an internationally renowned Dominatrix.

Here is My availability for the next six weeks. Don’t delay, book today!



London – October 2nd to 18th

Paris: October 19th to 23rd

London: Oct 24th-26th

Bristol: October 27th-29th

London: October 30th-Nov 13th

Zurich: November 14th-16th

London Dominatrix returns


Greetings lovers and losers,

Your Queen has returned! After nearly six weeks on the road, touring three counties on two continents, your intrepid Mistress has finally returned to the UK. Freshly recovered from jet lag and living on the road for so long, I am back in London where I will be offering Femdom sessions – heavy rubber and otherwise in My fully equipped chambers in NW3.

Just days before I left for My hometown Vancouver in August, I did a top secret shoot on the Millennium Bridge which was something I had dreamed about doing since I started Domming in the British capital. Career goals! Another amazing shoot in My series called London Icons. I hope you will enjoy the results of the effort it took Me and the team to wake up at 3am to put on a latex catsuit and hit the bridge for sunrise. Credits below.

The full set of photos will soon be available on My usual “pay per view” channels such as My members’ site, Adult Work gallery and NiteFlirt goodies. Stay tuned for more details there.

But now that I am back in the UK, I will be spending a bit more time here nurturing the perversions of My long suffering British harem. But if you want to see your reigning Rubber Queen, you’ll have to catch Me before I head off on tour again, three weeks from now.

Mistress Nikki Whiplash and I are filming our first production on Saturday, October 15th in Hampshire. If you are a film slave and enjoy ballbusting and all the other usual Femdom activities, get in touch! But be prepared to pay a tribute.

For the remainder of the year and into spring, I will continue to visit Zurich and Paris frequently so be sure to note where in the world I am when requesting your session.

The Domme Show returns on Friday, October 28th on Redlight Central from 11.00 GMT so be sure to tune in to this interactive live show and tell Me how much you love worshipping My latex and being My man hoe. http://redlightcentral.tv/


London: Oct 2 to 17

Paris: Oct 19 to 23

London: Oct 24-26

Bristol: October 27-29

London: Oct 30-Nov 13

Zurich: Nov 14-16

So, slaves…catch Me if you can slaves!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Photos: Ace McGowan

Slave: rubberboy76

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Latex: Libidex CLICK TO SHOP

LONDON ICONS – The Queen of Mean

 LONDON ICONS – The Queen of Mean

I love being a Rubber Dominatrix and a Lifestyle Latex Mistress. I am very passionate about what I do and at this stage in My career, I really think My work ethic and attention to detail with My aesthetic shines through. Now its time to rub this up!

Back in October, I was part of a film crew who descended upon London and for a full day, I publicly paraded My fetishistic tenancies.

Its true that I am a flaming exhibitionist and I really got My jollies filming this sequence with a rubber gimp who was totally new to the world of kink in front of some of London’s best known icons – Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. At such historical landmarks, where there are throngs of tourists, My rubber gimp and I became bigger icons than some of London’s biggest backdrops themselves.

This mini promo is just a glimpse of what went on that day.

Full credit goes out to the hard working team at Original Kink for putting this day together. As well as DJ XXXavier of Paris who provided the soundtrack for this promo video.

Listen to the full song here: https://soundcloud.com/djxxxavier/lady-bellatrix-queen-of-mean

Watch. Listen. Enjoy. And share….

In case you don’t know who I am,

I’m Lady fucking Bellatrix – The Queen of Mean





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Instagram: @_ladybellatrix_




Produced by Original Kink

Website: www.originalkink.co.uk

Twitter: @originalkink

Facebook: Original Kink

Music by DJ XXXavier

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djxxxavier

Twitter: @DJ_XXXavier

Tumbr: www.djxxxaviertumblr.com

Still Photography by Ash Burton-Cole

Twitter: @ashburtoncole


Easter weekend session availability


Easter weekend session availability

Wednesday, March 23rd

Greetings lovers and losers!

The Easter bank holiday is fast approaching and now that spring is in the air, I can feel your dicklets twitching. You’re going need your fix of kink and heavy rubber over this long weekend and I will be waiting to catch you in My Mistress-y web of deviance.

With that, this blog is to let you desperados know that I am available to session all throughout the festive weekend. This is an incredibly busy period of time for Me so advance bookings are recommended.

Thursday 24th – Buckinghamshire

Good Friday 25th – Buckinghamshire only

Saturday 26th – Buckinghamshire (or London after 18.00 by appointment only)

Easter Sunday – Buckinghamshire only

Easter Monday – Buckinghamshire (morning) and London (after 16.00)


This schedule is subject to change at short notice. I will update it accordingly.

Buckinghamshire: same day sessions may be possible, subject to availability.

London: * 48 hours notice required and minimum booking of 90 mins

PLEASE NOTE: if you are a new patron you will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit as set out in My BOOKING ETIQUETTE Alternatively, I can be booked via the ADULT WORK system (provided you have glowing feedback and read My profile in its entirety).

Right! Now that the formalities are out of the way…its time to conjure a steamy session with your kinky Mistress.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Swiss Cottage Mistress



Greetings lovers and losers!

I am pleased to announce My new private London premises in Swiss Cottage!

Operations have moved from Hampstead recently to a fantastic new discrete location still within the NW3 postcode. There is ample parking or if you’re arriving by tube, it is a 2 minute walk from the station (Jubilee line).

I am available to session on scheduled dates as found in the DIARY of My website. Same day sessions may be possible on those days only. For sessions outside of the scheduled dates, I will require a minimum of 48 hours notice. A deposit is required from all new patrons.

The new dungeon in Swiss Cottage has two distinct play spaces. A kinky medical room and a fully equipped dungeon. This place is seriously kitted out!

Medical Room – in this authentic medical environment there is a hospital bed for bondage as well as medical examinations. With all the trimmings to make medical fetish scenarios and role plays possible, step into My kinky clinic for…

– electro play

– breath play

– needle play

– medical examinations

– urethral sounds

– fisting

Dungeon Room – the larger play space is an atmospheric dungeon with a large suspension frame with hydraulics and several other high end pieces from Fetter’s such as a spanking bench, gyno chair, upright and full length cage (perfect for overnight sessions), a St. Andrew’s cross and more. This room also boasts an impressive amount of implements on display such as:

– canes

– floggers

– cuffs

– collars

– ropes

– hoods

– strap-on and vibrators (all shapes and sizes)

– large insertables

The new chambers are ideal for a variety of BDSM scenarios and activities such as slut training, serious bondage and My particular favourite HEAVY RUBBER! For rubber enthusiasts, the following is available for your shiny fantasies:

– heavy rubber

– vac bed

– vast latex wardrobe for men

– body bags (leather and latex)

– inflatable gags and hoods

Double sessions available with Miss Mighty.

I look forward to seeing you at the new chambers in London!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Padded Rubber Room Tease


From within My secret red rubber padded room, I sit before you in this shiny POV describing what you look like in total enclosure. After a prolonged incarceration, I know you are dying to get out and see Me in My black latex catsuit and military fetish hat. As I provocatively caress My rubber clad body with My gloved hand, I give you a series of tasks to complete if you want to make the cut as My rubber slut.


Buy this and many more clips from My goodies on Nite Flirt

Interrogation Bootcamp – Masochist Training Sessions


Message from the Department of Infantry:
In between major assignments, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has given Special Agent Hunter and Special Agent Bella permission to run a basic training camp to maintain their mental agility and physical prowess.
In order keep the momentum of the fierce conduct they’re renowned for, they will be holding one on one sessions with masochists at their Chiltern Base Camp in early autumn.


If you were wondering if you were really man enough, come to the Special Agents’ one to one masochist training sessions. Here the subspecies known as man can expect the following activities to include (but not limited to):
– interrogation

– mind control

– ballbusting

– corporal punishment (whipping, paddling, caning, strapping, bastinado)

– forced exercise

– extreme humiliation and degradation

– spitting

– face slapping

– military role play

– women in uniform


For a limited time only the Special Agents are offering 1 hour sessions for just £250


Chiltern base camp – September 19th

APPLY HERE: http://interrogationbootcamp.com/contact/


The question remains…


(offer only open to residents of UK or European nations)