The first quarter of the year is nearly over, and I thought I’d pause for reflection. So far, the start to 2022 has been a great one and I intend for it to continue that way. I can honestly say, last year was the most difficult year of My life so I want to put it behind Me. Part of My 2022 new year’s resolution was to be happy no matter what. So when Omicron flared up, I took the decision to hibernate for two months.

Despite daily cases of covid cases reaching half a million in France, people were still going to fetish parties. Seriously? So I decided to see this as an opportunity to shut the machine down for mainentance, take time off and fly under the radar. Instead of parties, I chose meditation, yoga and self-care. No booze, cheese, bread or chacuterie (nearly impossible in France) and routine exercise. I also took time to finish outstanding old projects – both personal and professional. And I’m pleased with My determination and results! I lost two dress sizes and feel better mentally and physically than I have since before the pandemic started. Upwards and onwards!

NITE FLIRT         

One of the projects I decided to take on was revamping My old Nite Flirt profile. This involved seven days non-stop of creating graphics and teaching Myself how to do HTML coding. Here is the part where everyone will say “Mistress why didn’t you get a slave to do it” or “why didn’t you pay a professional”. Because I am a very capable woman and I wanted to achieve this on My own.

Some aspects of being a Dominatrix are not very glamourous. But I am very pleased with Myself for this! Go check out My new and improved NITE FLIRT profile. Then send praises and tips while you’re at it.


Those of you who followed Me for years may remember that I launched a member’s site back in 2015 called Heavy Rubber Dominatrix. It was around the same time I used to have My own programme on Redlight TV called The Domme Show. Yes, we are going back a few years…

The site was a labour of love and with all My jet setting around the world at that period of My life, it was difficult to maintain after a few years. So, we scrapped it but the site remained live. It was always my intention to revamp it and fortunately the pandemic gave Me time to do that. As part of My hibernation, I spent about three weeks updating all the pages, redoing all the graphics and some HTML coding.

Go check out My other site HEAVY RUBBER DOMINATRIX

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix


Last September, I was asked to be a special guest at Fetish Re-volution in Brussels for their party on a boat in December. It got postponed to the end of February so when Gaelle Lagalle and I finally made it to Belgium, it was a long time coming!

Of course, I created a mini tour of it and had a brilliant extended session with a new slave. And no trip to Brussels would be complete without a photo shoot with our good friend, the talented Mr Genz0. Once we got to the party on the boat, it was a great time. That night I met some lovely people and great connections were made.

But there is no rest for the wicked! Early the next morning, Gaelle and I travelled to Monchengladbach, Germany (try saying that with a hangover). We had our first shooting with Matthais Wallmeier as part of his Dark Series collaboration.

Some of these photos will be found on My various social media platforms. But if you subscribe to LOYAL FANS you’ll be able to see the full sets of these brilliant shoots.


Just four days after Gaelle and I returned from Belgium/Germany, we were back on the road to Augsburg. Yes, that’s right. I was in Germany twice in one week. Bearing in mind that borders had only just recently reopened, this was an exceptionally whirlwind two weeks for Me! All the while, I was under the weather with a bad cold (not covid, I’m still a virgin).

We were invited to stay at Domicile Dark Emotion with Domina Silvia where I picked up My beautiful custom-made dungeon furniture. Whenever I get together with Domina Silvia, there is always heavy champagne consumption to the soundtrack of Iron Maiden. We are soul sisters and she was very hospitable to us. We slapped a few slaves around, she enriched My German vocabulary and then no sooner had we arrived, Gaelle and I returned to Paris just 72 hours later.

That was 2600 km in the space of nine days…

PS: Domina Silvia informed Me she will be returning to Paris later this year. French slaves beware!


Now that My new dungeon gear has been installed, I am pleased to present a more authentic Femdom experience at Chez Bellatrix. I have not yet put the final touches on everything, and as I am a perfectionist, I will wait a few more weeks until I launch the official marketing.

But I am very much functional and now accepting respectful applications for Femdom sessions at Chez Bellatrix. Be sure to read the Booking Etiquette page before you APPLY


Fellow Canadian Jane and I get on like a house on fire. We began chatting online throughout the pandemic and we finally met for the first time in Paris last September. Slaves at Gouters du Divin Marquis were blessed by our presence. So when she told Me she would be returning, we decided to go all out – no expense spared.

Our first night out on the town together was at the exquisite shibari performance by Marie Sauvage, but more on that later. My dear rubber zebra Gaelle Lagalle is a huge fan of Jane and vice versa. They both wanted to meet. So I orchestrated the best ever champagne lunch at Chez Bellatrix last week. As Jane was technically here doing research for the sequel to her book EDGE PLAY, I was only too happy to oblige.

Check out her website:


During My hibernation period, I decided I’ll only attend very select fetish parties. Quality over quantity. Marie Sauvage’s Shibari Salon was one of them. Jane had been telling Me about her for months, so we agreed in advance that we would go to this.

I had seen Marie on social media and admired her approach to turning a fetish into an art form. But when we arrived at the event, I did not expect this! The salon was set in an otherworldly 17th century style loft in Le Marais. The attention to detail was such that I had never seen before. There were flowers, champagne, decadent bon bons, a harpist and the room was even perfumed. The dress code was Belle Epoch theme and everyone was superbly dressed in period costume. Well, except Jane and I, the badass Canadians who rocked up in leather.

This experience was a true delight of the senses. What really struck Me was the sensuality and softness of the performance. Marie quickly put her muses into sub-space in a way I’ve never witnessed before using ropes and subdued dominance. My approach usually involves fear, psychological warfare and twisted mind games. So to see someone achieve this in such a soft artistic and creative way was a real eye opener to this She-Beast. Not that I’m going to change My evil ways anytime soon, but it was beautiful to see such a romantic and visually poetic performance.

Check her website out here:


It is no secret that I am a Lady of extremes. From total hibernation off the grid to blowing up on the scenes like a bat outta hell, that is how I roll.

Now that I am more settled into Chez Bellatrix in Paris, I am going to stick around for at least the next six weeks. As mentioned, I am fully operational and accepting respectful applications for Femdom sessions. APPLY HERE

The LATEX LIVE SHOW has returned to LOYAL FANS and if you can’t see Me in person, you can tune into My live streaming in latex every Sunday night at 8pm CET (that is +6hrs EST or +9 hrs PST). I want you to shine Me up, rubber slut!



I will return to London at some point, probably around May but I haven’t confirmed anything as of yet. When I do, I am not likely to have much availablity so I’m hesitating to announce it as a tour. Moving forward, I will create a “short list” of genunie British slaves rather than wasting My time with marketing and an inbox full of emails that amount to nothing. So if you’re interested in seeing Me when I cross The Channel, make your interest known sooner rather than later by phoning Me on NITE FLIRT


I am definitely returning to Vancouver at some point this summer. I haven’t been on a plane, nor have I been home in three years! I don’t have exact dates yet but I’m hoping to plan My arrival in time for Vancouver Fetish Weekend. I’ll make a mention of this once it’s confirmed. Again, if you’re interested in serving Me in My hometown, you can show advance interest by calling Me on NITE FLIRT

April is Birthmonth

Advance notice that it is My birthday on April 27th. As usual, I will be celebrating the entire month of April. There are many ways you can make your Queen happy. Subscribe to My LOYAL FANS for example, send Me a TRIBUTE (gift cards to Amazon France is always My favourite). Or purchase something from My WISHLIST and present it to Me when you serve Me in person.

That is it for now! As you can see, there is never a dull moment in My life. I have worked My Lady balls off for over a decade. The pandemic has been a good time for Me to reflect on My approach to life. Moving forward, I want to take My foot off the accelerator professionally. At this stage in My career, everything runs like a well oiled machine. You know where I am and how to find Me.

In the meantime, I will spend more time smelling the spring flowers and finally living La Belle Vie in France, which was the reason I moved here in the first place.

As always, I will be making another announcement about something next week. Sign up to My FREE newsletter to be the first to hear what I’m currently planning.