Caning Him in My Latex Catsuit

In front of me I have the naked, pristine skin of a British slave. I’m going to have to do something to mark it out. As I start spanking his bum, it gets so nice and red, I point out this is about to change. It does get very red, very quickly, as I spank to warm. I move on to a leather strap next. His bum feels soft to the touch as I slap the arse to continue the warm up. Once I’m content, it’s time for the real thing. I grab a cane and start to strike, he complains it’s painful, oh dear. I even strike his feet for some cruel bastinado. Originally I was going to stop at 50, but it just feels I’m just getting started.  So, that can become the halfway point as I strike 100 hard cane strokes. This will sting in the morning. He will be wearing my marks for weeks.

This video incorporates two of My favourite things! Caning and latex. Caning is My favourite form of corporal punishment. Read more about it in this BLOG


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