Big Dick Little Dick with Ms Sinstress

Miss Sinstress and I enter the dungeon to see a slave attached to a bondage chair. To say he is a big dickhead is an understatement! Wearing a knobend shaped humiliation hood, we taunt him as his dick is miniscule in comparison. We laugh at his misfortune and I point out when they call it “manhood” they certainly aren’t referring to what’s between his legs. We start spitting and tell him that is the most action his dick is ever going to see. We want to conduct an experiment to see what his floppy micropenis looks like when it’s large. So he is permitted to wank it while we laugh and spit on it for lube. When he ejaculated, we laugh at his disgraceful sperm and feed it to him. 

I’m well known for being a HUMILIATRIX. But it’s even more fun with a friend. Read more about SPH and humiliation in this BLOG 


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Within the realm of Femdom, I am omnipresent. I am everywhere.
The name Bellatrix originates from the star found in the constellation Orion. So, I am literally above you looking down. And like a star shining brightly in the night sky, here is where you can track My movements.

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