By now, you may have heard that I am the Queen of Mean. If you’ve met with Me in person, spoken to Me on premium rate phone or cam or watched one of My clips you know it’s true. I am the ultimate Humiliatrix. Humiliation as a fetish can be vast but there are several other underlying fetishes or themes that compliment it well too.

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Shame is an aphrodisiac

Humiliation fetish is an art form. There is more to being a Humiliatrix than just hurling insults and spit balls. I understand the predatory psychology that makes men attracted to women like Me. Loud, opinionated, unabashed and often arrogant, I embody the alpha nature you long for but can never quite achieve.

I have met with so many slaves who have the outward appearance of being an alpha in the boardroom, when really, they are beta in the bedroom. In a patriarchal society, the onus is put on the males of our species to be dominant and powerful. When stripped bare of this façade, there are more men who are naturally submissive than meets the eye. That is why they secretly crave degradation, because they know they are not being true to themselves. And humiliation is a form of retribution.

Deep dive into your demise

In My experience, there is definitely an element of TPE (total power exchange) involved in the humiliation fetish. In order to submit completely, you must first surrender your ego. The weaker you become, the more powerful it makes Me. I enjoy feeding off your male vulnerabilities like a starving vulture. It is a win-win situation if you ask Me.

For seekers of humiliation, there is often an underlying feeling of insecurity. More often than not, this is linked to being substandard in the nether region. Small penis humiliation (SPH) whether real or imagined is a reassuring form of humiliation. It reinforces your inadequacies and the act of degradation puts you in your place. Dick ratings have become increasingly popular in recent years. I am a professional cock handler, and I’ve seen a lot of dick in My time. So I tend to be brutally honest and for many, My piercing truths inspire arousal. 

Financial Domination is often linked with SPH and humiliation. And let’s face it – men with small dicks are never going to provide a woman with a fulfilling intimate relationship. The expression “it’s not the size of the pencil, it’s how you sign your name” is complete bullshit. I don’t know of many woman who would want to be associated with Mr. Micro Penis for free. So there is only one obvious way to satisfy her…all the way to the bank.

Size matters and a majority of cuckold fantasies begin with not being able to please a woman sexually. The act of seeing the woman of your desires getting pleasured by a well hung man will provide plenty of visceral stimulation. You know you can never pound her like he can and it heightens your humiliation.  If you are lucky enough to have cuckold “clean up duties” after, this leads to the cum eating fantasy, better know as CEI (Cum Eating Instruction).

These are just a few forms of the humiliation fetish. Most of them feed into each other like a well oiled machine.


Are you a loser? Now is the time to prove it!

I have now created a group especially for you on LOYAL FANS. I welcome you to the Loser Reinforcement Programme. It is a package designed for small penis humiliation, verbal degradation and other activities to remind you who you are. If you’re a loser, joining this group will give your pathetic life meaning.

The entry level is $50. But you’re a massive loser, you should pay a lot more.


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I also offer personal Dick Ratings on LOYAL FANS (for subscribers only).


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