We Would Rather Eat These Tiny Sausages with Simone Worthington 

Mistress Simone Worthington is my guest here at Chez Bellatrix. I’m a good hostess so of course, I have to feed my guests. I promised some tasty French meat so I prepare some cocktail wieners. We’re going to enjoy these meat snacks. I mention they remind me of some tiny cocks we’ve both seen.  And the thing with tiny cocks, is they should be locked and put away, not put in mouths. However, we would eat these tiny sausages.You know, these tiny wieners also remind us of yours. Except, well, they’re bigger. And we’d rather put them in our mouth. How does that feel to be smaller than our tiny cocktail sausages?

Mistress Simone and I go way back. We first met in 2013 and she visits Paris once a year. She’ll be back again in 2024. Check out the blog from here last visit HERE


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