Thirteenth Dommeaversary

September 23rd marks My thirteenth anniversary as a Femdom. On this date in 2010, Lady Bellatrix was born in London. And as My Dommeaversary approaches, it is always a time of reflection.

BDSM is a constant journey so I feel that I am ever evolving. I continue to learn new skills and approaches, some of which comes from feedback of My slaves. There are some activities I used to enjoy which I have phased out in recent years. Additionally, there are always new techniques I learn from other Dommes along the way too! So it is a constant learning curve. Upwards and onwards!

When I first started out as a Professional Dominatrix thirteen years ago, Twitter was in its infancy. Then there was the rise of the “Insta Domme” which continues to proliferate. But post pandemic Femdom seems to mean that a Domme’s greatest skill is in understanding the algorithm rather than the psychology behind client facing sessions in a dungeon setting. In fact, I recently spoke with a world class Mistress who was perplexed that “most of the top Dommes now are only online and don’t offer sessions”. First and foremost, I am a sessioning Domme, but in recent years My focus is definitely more online. Not that anything will change anytime soon, but post pandemic, I have noticed a decline in genuine applicants. Timewasters have always exsisted, but maybe now with the crunch of inflation, it is getting profoundly worse. Perhaps it’s time to make My screening process even more thorough than it already is.

Lucky Thirteen

There are some slaves in London whom have been serving Me from day one! And most recently, while on tour in Vancouver, I celebrated a ten year anniversary with one of My Canadian slaves. And then there are those loyal subbies in Paris who have been serving me for seven or more years too! But month on month, I continue to meet new slaves (online and in person) who add flavour to My ever expanding international harem of man hoes.

Besides reflection on My Dommeaversary, I also continue to review My future goals. I will start working on a big project in Paris at the start of next year, but between now and then, I have to get a lot of ducks in a row. Boring as it may be, it is a necessary evil so all the decks will be clear for the new year when it will be all systems GO! Those in My inner circle know what I’m talking about. But the rest of you will have to wait to know as the plan unfolds!

Celebrate My Dommeaversary with Me

As it is My lucky thirteenth Dommeaversary, there are so many ways of paying homage to your Queen! Some of you have been serving Me for over a decade, while some of you are new to the fold. Then there are those of you who have admired Me from afar. Now is the time to pay homage to your Queen and show your admiration!

As usual, gift vouchers to Amazon France is My preference. The email address is in the graphic above. Please note: this email address is for gift vouchers only so anyone who contacts Me here will be ignored. Don’t waste your own time! Also, I shouldn’t have to say this, but…DO NOT USE BDSM WORDS on Amazon gift cards!!

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