Role play is one of My specialities and favourite activities – particularly military role play. 

My mind is the sexiest part of My body. I have a razor sharp intellect and as I am easily bored by the mundane world of 9 to 5 routine, I have little time for the constraints of the vanilla world. So I am always scheming, dreaming and conjuring up new methods and techniques to torture and titillate My humble subjects.

Some of the scenarios I participate in range from the more sensual to the extreme. I have an ample wardrobe so I can cater to most fantasies.

Here are just a few suggestions. You may have some of your own. I am very open minded so don’t be shy to approach Me (but do verse yourself on what I won’t participate in before asking).

Here are just a few ideas to whet your imagination:

–        Head Mistress

–        Prison Guard

–        privledged housewife

–        sadistic nurse

–        Lady Boss

 In fact, I love doing “office domination” so much as a scenario, I created a whole series called Bellatrix Inc. You will find 20+ Lady Boss clips at My C4S studio HERE