Roleplay is one of My specialities and favourite activities – particularly military role play.

They say the brain is the sexiest part of the body. My razor-sharp intellect coupled with My creative mindset and vast life experience makes Me well adept at thinking on My feet and coming up with a vast array of role play scearios.

You may have heard of Interrogation Bootcamp in partnership with The Hunteress which incorporates women in uniform, military role play, corporal punishment, mind control and female supremacy. You can veiw the collection on Clips for Sale HERE

Having worked in the corporate world for eight years, I have created an office domination themed series called Bellatrix Inc with over 40 clips in the collection. See the full collection on Clips 4 Sale HERE

Some of the scenarios I participate in range from the more sensual to the extreme. I have an ample wardrobe so I can cater to most fantasies.

Here are just a few suggestions. You may have some of your own. I am very open-minded so don’t be shy to approach Me (but do verse yourself on what I won’t participate in before asking).

Here are just a few ideas to whet your imagination:

–        Head Mistress

–        Prison Guard

–        hot wife

–        sadistic nurse

–        Lady Boss

–        Military role play

Please note: I do not participate in religious role play (such as a nun) as it is against My religion