Nipple Pain Experiment with Ava Black

I ask Mistress Ava Black if slaves with smaller nipples feel the pain more intensely as we stare menacingly at the male object on our St. Andrew’s cross. We are going to test that theory as gently start teasing his nipples. The more stimulated they get, the more pain we can inflict. If his erection is anything to go by, he seems to be enjoying our long fingernails. It’s time to get some tools out so we start with a pinwheel. This gets some audible groans. These get louder as we cut deeper with the spikes from the pinwheels.Miss Ava and I have different techniques causing extra stimulation. We move up to floggers, flogging and beating his tiny nipples. This whole process gets him quite aroused, of course we’re not going to let him orgasm – but, we will finish by flogging his cock and balls.

 Miss Ava Black and I have been breaking hearts and crushing balls since 2012. On Clips4Sale we have over 100+ clips together. Check out our full collection HERE


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