Nipple Pain and Punishment

I left this slave bound in the A-frame and when I returned, he seemed lonely. So I’ve come to keep him company. But, being in my company  can only mean one thing – he’s going to be tormented! I start with some balls against the nipples for sensation. They scrape across the nipples to stimulate them. Next I get the pinwheel and laugh in glee as the tiny metal pricks his delicate skin. My long, sharp fingernails are as good a tool as anything as I dig them into his flesh. I have more objects at my disposal, from brushes to clamps and more. There are mixed sensations of pain, pain and more pain, as I prove what great company I am. My masochist slave has become aroused. But I did not give him permission to be aroused, so I’ll leave him for now and return for some CBT.

Why do men have nipples? Strictly for tormenting and punishing them! Wanna see more? See more clips with NIPPLE PLAY here.


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Within the realm of Femdom, I am omnipresent. I am everywhere.
The name Bellatrix originates from the star found in the constellation Orion. So, I am literally above you looking down. And like a star shining brightly in the night sky, here is where you can track My movements.

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