Now that My renovations are well and truly behind Me, I can finally return to the land of the living. As mentioned in previous blogs, I am in the process of rebranding and taking a different direction. Moving forward, I will be gearing Myself more towards SFW (safe for work) content. Not that I won’t continue producing the spicy stuff, oh no, that will never come to an end. But I will be shifting gears into a new market. And with that I would like to outline My live streaming schedule for July!

I will be gracing your screens quite a bit this month ahead of My holidays in August. Read on to find out what platforms My live stream schedule includes for the month of July.

Lady Bellatrix Paris Femdom Latex Mistress


As part of My live stream schedule for July, I will be streaming for two hours every Tuesday from 9pm CET on Twitch. This platform is a lot more complicated than I expected and I’m still having a lot of growing pains. But I am determined to crack the code!


This is a SAFE FOR WORK platform and I am in the “Just Chatting” category, so it is exactly that. But there will be no Femdom or slave chit chat. In fact, I have banned those words and several others to keep the dialogue vanilla.

Tuesday, July 2nd at 9pm CET

Tuesday, July 9th at 9pm CET

Tuesday, July 16th at 9pm CET

Tuesday, July 23rd at 9pm CET

Keep it classy! Reminder that this is a SFW stream. If you want the Femdom stuff, it is highly likely that I will pop onto Loyal Fans directly after the Twitch stream. Although this is not guaranteed. And if I am, it is considered an unscheduled chat.

It is FREE to follow Me on Loyal Fans, but of course, subscribers have multiple benefits.



As I was not able to go live during the months of renovations, in July I will be making up for lost time! Therefore, My famous Latex Live Show will be every Sunday at 8pm CET for the month of July. I know My subbies missed Me (because you’ve been asking Me almost daily in DMs when I will return). So I am granting you your wishes!

Sunday, July 7th at 8pm CET

Sunday, July 14th at 8pm CET

Sunday, July 21st at 8pm CET

Sunday, July 28th at 8pm CET

But make sure you get your fill of Me in July as it’s not likely that I will be back until the end of summer.

I’m feeling generous, so I am offering 50% off for the next 20 new subscribers!



As mentioned, I will be hitting it hard online for the month of July. When not streaming on Twitch or Loyal Fans, I will be logged in for cam and Skype. I will be logged in most days except Saturday night (that is My fixed day off).

My platform of preference is Loyal Fans. I respond to DMs daily here. You don’t need to be a subscriber to cam with Me here. When the green light is on, I am available! You can also book a sexting session on this platform. Ask about My “brutally honest dick ratings” here.


I have also returned to Adult Work, the well known UK site for camming and phone. Again, when the green light is on, I am available. I will be on most days/nights, subject to availability.


And last but certainly not least, an oldie but a goodie, I will be logged into Nite Flirt simultaneously. Here you can call Me on the phone. But you can also book a Skype session or sexting session with Me here. Send a message via the chat system here to inquire about availability.


Paris Femdom Tour Guide

While I have written extensively about My online activities above, here is a reminder that I am available for real time meets in Paris. My hiatus is over but so are the days of Me hosting sessions.

With the impending Olympics coming to Paris, I expect an influx of overseas tourists flooding in for the games. What better way to experience the French capital than the Bellatrix way! I have previously written a lengthy blog about My new PARIS FEMDOM TOUR GUIDE packages.

I will remain in Paris for all of July before heading off into the sunset for My holidays. The last day to make an appointment with Me is August 2nd. Then I will return August 26th onward.

There are a lot of big changes behind the scenes in My wicked world as the rebranding continues. Sign up to My newsletter to hear about My new Brand Ambassador partnership coming up soon!