Interrogation Bootcamp on Loyal Fans – 70% off promotion

Memo from The High Commandress of the Female Supremacy:

Our two Special Agents have digitally remastered theentire collection of videos dating back to 2012 and it is now LIVE on Loyal Fans! The video store features more than 100 legacy videos from past bootcamps as well as the most recent collection.


As the Interrogation Bootcamp fan club is a new venture, Special Agent Bella and Special Agent Hunter have been authorized by the High Commandress to offer a special promotion. From now until October 31st, there is a 70% discount for subscriptions

There will be one new update per day and once every three days there will be a full length video for streaming.  Subscribers also benefit from a 10% discount on all videos in their store.


DO IT NOW! The 70% promotion ends October 31st.

Interrogation Bootcamp is an on-going conceptual venture combining Orwellian inspired film noir, military role play, women in uniform and extreme masochism. In this ever evolving saga, Our two internationally renowned Special Agents hope to encourage support for the Female Supremacy and invoke fear in those who would otherwise defy its existence.

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But first, ask yourself: are u man enough?