His Sloppy Slave Hole 

It’s hard work constantly pounding My slaves so I’ve come up with the best lazy Domme solution. Instead of thrusting with My strap-on, I’m going to conserve My energy and just use the fucking machine instead! I remind him of the time I whored his out to the biker gang and he needs to keep his sloppy slave hole filled. So the fucking machine is a win-win solution for us both! I start him off at three on a scale of ten, but when I tell him about the butt fuck soiree I’m having on the weekend, he begs for a six. I tell him to start rubbing his tiny man clitty and he ejaculates in less than a minute. That wasn’t part of My evil plan so I make him eat his own cum. Then when he’s finished cleaning all his own jizz with his tongue, I tell him to lick the dildo that’s been up his ass. 

There are so many creative ways to penetrate the mangina. Read more about it on My STRAP ON AND ANAL TRAINING blog.


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