Drink It, Soak It In

I knew you were on your way over this afternoon, so I have been holding My pee for the last two hours. My bladder is bursting and I can’t wait to piss all over you. At first, I was thinking of putting you in My toilet box and letting My Mistress nectar dribble all over your face. But you’re not worthy. Instead, I’ll just stand over your head and let it flow. As I slowly peel My knickers off, I’m going to give you such a golden shower it will be like a gushing waterfall. As I command you to open your mouth, a hot yellow stream starts flowing. But I noticed you missed some so I order you to drink it. Once I am finished, I tell you to let it soak in before dismissing you. 


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Within the realm of Femdom, I am omnipresent. I am everywhere.
The name Bellatrix originates from the star found in the constellation Orion. So, I am literally above you looking down. And like a star shining brightly in the night sky, here is where you can track My movements.

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