Domination During the Pandemic – One Year On

When your life coach asks you “where do you see yourself in one year”, it certainly wasn’t this! Two weeks ago marked the one-year anniversary of the first lockdown here in France. Then suddenly, Paris went into the third lockdown last Friday. No one could have predicted a year later that we would still be encumbered to this level, but here we are. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. So one year on, here are My reflections on Domination during the Pandemic and a few predictions moving forward.

Carpe Diem (or as the British say, Pull Your Finger Out)

Pre-pandemic, first and foremost I considered Myself a real time sessioning Domme. While I have been producing content since 2012 as well as being on webcam and premium rate phone lines, this was always only My side hustle. I considered it a bit of pocket money when sessions were slow or in between tours. So, last spring when the entire planet was suddenly put on house arrest, I immediately set out to work on pumping out the content. When you lose more than 80% of your income over night, you must act fast.

During the first lockdown in France which lasted about 60 days, I managed to produce just as many solo POV clips. However, as broadband speed was greatly reduced nationwide to account for the dramatic surge in internet usage, it also made for patchy wifi for camming. Another setback. But in My panicked state, I soldiered on because that’s what Bellatrix does. And Bellatrix had no other options.

Some of the platforms I had been frequenting regularly for years were suddenly inundated with new service providers. However, being stuck at home with the prying eyes and ears of wives and girlfriends did not necessarily mean that there would be more slaves turning to online services. In the beginning, it created a vacuum – and we all know what vaccums do – they suck! There was a dramatic uptick in supply and drop in demand. But this soon died down after about three weeks when many new service providers realised this was not going to be a get rich quick solution and gave up.

Luckily for Me, I already had an established following or online presence. So making the swift transition to online domination was not a new science for Me. But it is My job to look good and entertain. So while the world was ablaze with futility and disparity, like thousands of other real time sessioning Dominas, I had to put on a brave face and look pretty for the camera. This was not always an easy feat when you yourself are trying not to freak out. But no one would want to subscribe to our fan sites if we constantly posted how depressed or anxious we were. We sell fantasy, not reality.

Generous Benefactors

Ever the optimist, I consider Myself fortunate enough to have a small but loyal stable of slaves. When the hammer of the first lockdown first fell, I received a “stimulus package” from a generous benefactor as well as a lot of smaller yet noteworthy tributes to see Me through. I wasn’t eligible for financial relief from either British or French governments. So without the generous support of these devout slaves at the start of confinement, I would have been royally fucked.

I was touched that some of the tributes came from slaves that I barely knew or hadn’t heard from in years. Yet other slaves who had served Me regularly in the lead up to the pandemic were nowhere to be found. There were also a few who offered to send tributes then ghosted after their boners went soft. So, it is interesting to see who values you as a human being in times of trouble. It’s equally interesting to see who views you strictly as an outlet for their sexual fantasies. It is what it is. 

Income vs Expenditure

Looking over My accounts from the last 12-18 months and comparing income and expenditure has been an eye opener to say the least. At the start of the pandemic there was a predictable drop in income, however, there was little to no expenditure anymore.

The overheads of maintaining a playspace or dungeon are massive. Besides rent, one must constantly maintain a steady supply of consumables (latex gloves, condoms, lube, industrial strength sterilisation products, etc). In addition to the basics, we are also expected to have a vast collection of toys and implements to cater to every scenario imaginable. Not to mention maintaining our wardrobes of fetish footwear and clothing (such as leather, latex, lingerie and nine inch platform thigh high boots). Again, I consider Myself lucky to have slaves who furnish Me with latex as well as toys and implements for their sessions. But overall, the running expenses of providing real time sessions is nothing to sniff at. All these operational costs are probably not on the minds of the majority of slaves while they’re jerking off.

Before, when I was operating My palatial house in Buckinghamshire or the penthouse apartment in le Marias, I had major overheads. I found Myself occasionally taking bookings from people I’d met with before and didn’t particularly like (but knew I could tolerate). On other occasions, I ignored My instincts and accepted bookings from those I knew would be a total pain in the ass before I even met them. But hey, I had bills to pay. Once the deposit was paid, I could breathe a bit easier.

From Surviving to Thriving

Ever the optimist, even in trying times, I firmly believe in positive outcomes. Anyone who has been to an Iron Maiden concert knows that we should “always look on the bright side of life” (inside joke for metal heads).

Now that we have surpassed the one-year mark of the pandemic, we have all been forced to re-evaluate our lives. With consistency and hard work, I feel I have successfully transitioned to online domination during the pandemic. Month after month, I continue to smash My financial goals. I’m not saying this to brag. I have consistently busted My own balls during the pandemic so I can afford some self-praise.

I know here in Paris and other parts of the world, there were many Dominas who didn’t embrace the online hussle and continued to offer real time sessions throughout the pandemic. No shade to them, everyone does what they’ve got to do to survive. But through online domination, I found another solution and I sleep well at night knowing that I don’t NEED to session. I am comforted by the fact that I don’t have to risk My health by letting complete strangers into My personal space because I’m desperate. This is also not taking the Nordic Model in this country into account and the safety risks associated with it.

Like many of My colleagues, I had no choice but to adapt without the income from real time sessions. But at this stage, I cannot fathom returning to a heavy rotation of real time sessions again. I no longer have the hassles of time wasters and fantasists or the overheads that come with operating a play space. I found a better way.

Don’t get Me wrong. I have had many wonderful patrons over the years and I am confident that I will again in the future. But now that I have shifted My business model, I have learnt to value Myself more. As always, sessioning with a Dominatrix is a privilege. Not an entitlement. But now, I see a real time session with Me as a luxury. So if you have an Audi budget, don’t bother setting foot into a Ferrari shop.


Quest for the Holy Grail

They say that the Dominatrix is the unobtainable woman. I have always played hard to get. I’ve not had a free contact phone number on My website since 2013 and imposed a mandatory non-refundable deposit. But moving forward, I will become even more unobtainable. Judging from conversations I’ve had with My close colleagues as well as the writings of other Dominas online, I see I am not the only one. For those of us who have weathered the storm, many will change their methodology towards real time availability and booking procedures.  

In some ways, it seems that contacting a Dominatrix has come full circle. Pre-internet days, there were contact magazines where the potential slave would send a hand-written letter then wait with baited breath for a reply. The rise of social media created a “Domination on Demand” culture. Now that some parts of the world are starting to open up, there has been an awakening. As many Mistresses have followed the path I have, they are changing their business policies to be more selective. Partially out of necessity (sanitary implications) but also because they too realise their worth.

The New Normal

As a leading Paris Dominatrix, I could have easily been offering sessions in between lockdowns (or as some have, during lockdown itself). But the point is now, I don’t have to. I don’t NEED to. When My average daily income online now pulls in around the same as a one hour session, it makes little sense to do one hour sessions anymore. For the same income, I’m not potentially putting My health at risk. Some days I don’t even bother to shower or put on makeup. Earning money while I sleep is My new hustle.

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I want to be clear that I am not retiring. I miss real time sessions. I miss the connection I have with My favourite slaves. I miss digging My long manicured nails into their balls right before I give them a good kick. I miss My rubber slaves who appreciate playing in latex as much as I do. But I am not keen to return to the sheer volume of real time sessions I used to do. Because after a year of hard grind online, I don’t need to anymore.

During confinement, we’ve all had to make major changes but especially we’ve all had time to reflect. I have used this time to re-evalute My personal and professional life and what My priorities are. Moving forward, when it comes to returning to real time sessions, this privilege will be firmly reserved to those who have supported Me during the last year. Or for new client consideration, My screening method will be done strictly via premium platforms.

With so many ways for potential patrons to communicate with Dominatrices now, having a contact form on My website has become obsolete. I have grown accustomed to online slaves sending Me a tip along with their introduction. That is the new normal of domination during the pandemic. I can never see Myself ever going back to the old way; responding to a plethora of emails from random strangers. For free?! No thanks.

The Bellatrix Experience

Bearing all I’ve said in mind, I will be restructuring My approach to real time appointments. I will not be offering sessions anymore, I will be offering experiences. I have always found one hour sessions to be too rushed. And usually, the one hour guys come with a long check list they expect us to perform for them. That’s not really a Dominant, that’s a service top.

I have always favoured longer sessions as it really allows Me to get My subjects in the right headspace and to create a vivid scene. Most definitely a deeper connection comes from longer appointments. Having to earn the privilege to meet with a Dominatrix only makes us more desirable. It establishes a preliminary basis for compatibility and an exisiting connection. I have always felt like meeting a client for the first time was like a one-sided version of Tinder. They knew who I was before they met Me. But for Me, opening the door to a new client for the first time was always a mystery.

For future reference, those potential new slaves who I meet with will have done their ground work online to get to know Me first. I will have already established if we are compatible by virtue of their communications with Me on a premium rate platform. There are some men who have dropped hundreds of dollars on Me online, but this is no guarantee that I will meet them. The same goes for slaves I’ve met with in the past who fell off the face of the earth. Recently, an unsavoury former client I’d not heard from in years resurfaced. It brought Me joy to completely ignore his session request. I won’t reward bad behaviour by giving them the opportunity to piss Me off in person. I can afford to be more selective. Those who pass the test will have earned it and appreciate our time together more.

Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe even a platinum lining! I am grateful that I had this opportunity to take stock of My life. This is My new path. This is My new normal. And I chose quality over quantity.

Thank you for coming to My TED Talk. These are My Words of Wisdomme.

Copyright © Lady Bellatrix 2021. All rights reserved.

Slaves: Still want to serve Me in person “when this is all over”? Get your head start now. This is a five week warning that My birthday is coming up on April 27th.


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