CBT Contest with Domina V

I haven’t seen my friend Domina V in such a long time. She’s really missed some good old fashioned British Cock and Ball Torture. One thing we both love is making our slaves compete against each other. We have a sissy here, and also a gimp in latex.  And we’re going to make them compete for our entertainment. The sissy goes first. They’re in pantyhose, that’s no good – we’re going to cut them off!  This gives easy access to dig the nails in. Then we can get out more tools, pinwheels and floggers. Let’s see how much the sissy can take. Then we need to try the other one. He has his tiny dick hidden under a codpiece. I’m going to dig my nails anyway. At least before we again move on to harsh tools. We’re going to get out the cane, a little cock caning! Now we can return to the sissy for some cock caning. And for a finale, some pegs on the balls and then caning.  But who will we deem to be the winner?!

I just love adminstering CBT to My slaves. The harder the better! I have 180+ CBT clips on C4S and the collection continues to grow. Check out the catalogue HERE


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