Breaking Three Slaves with Miss Ava Black – Full version 

This is an especially long clip with Mistress Ava Black and I as we had three slaves lined up for individual torment as the others looked on. Each one will be used by us, one after the other. The first is looking far too pale for our liking.  Beating him to a pulp seems the only option. How long will it take us to break him? We begin testing his pain levels with our floggers. He marks very easily, so we continue. Harder and harder we go, as we step up the intensity and the harshness of the implements. From floggers, to single tail and finally a cane. He takes lashes from both of us at the same time! We notice our slave in the cage watching out of the corner of his eye, so we take him out and put the other in. We’re ready to have our fun with this one. We start with some slapping, spitting and nipple torment, before moving on to striking his balls. We’re going to slap, punch and beat him senseless. We still have one last slave to deal with. We decide to leave his fate to the second slave – this one has been falling asleep in sessions. What fate will the slave pick for him? Heavy CBT, of course! So, we swap the slaves around, ready to give this one heavy CBT. And we can be heavy.  Ball busting, kicking, trampling, “Is my foot like a meat paddle?” I ask as I pound his man meat. Once he is broken, we finally have three defeated slaves. So we leave them all broken in a corner as we walk away laughing. 

This is a 40 minunte epic feature film with Miss Ava Black and Myself. Incorporating all things we love: whipping, caning, ballbusting, cbt, face slapping, spitting and many more Femdom activities! Read more blogs about MISS AVA BLACK and I together over the years…


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