Ballbusting Reunion

It had been two months since I last saw this pathetic slave. I’m a busy woman and I told him he needed to find someone to bust his balls every day in My absence. But he didn’t so I’m going to have to discipline him the only way he deserves! The last time I saw him, his balls were twice the size they are now. So now that we’re together again, we will have a little reunion. His balls and My feet! I start by digging My sharp nails into his nutsack before giving them a twist. But I’m still feeling annoyed so I start kneeing him in the groin repeatedly to take out My frustration on him. I’m not satisfied that he’s getting the message so I deal many swift kicks to the balls.

Ballbusting is My favourite form of CBT. When I see those plums dangling between your legs, I want to give them a swift kick! See My full collection of ballbusting videos on CLIPS4SALE  


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The name Bellatrix originates from the star found in the constellation Orion. So, I am literally above you looking down. And like a star shining brightly in the night sky, here is where you can track My movements.

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