Can’t serve Me in person?

Want to meet Me online before meeting person?

Here is how you can serve Me on webcam.


I have now relocated to Paris. Now that I am settled in My new apartment, I am on line a lot more frequently. You can often find Me logged in to ADULT WORK or if you’d like to Skype with Me directly, read below to find out how.


If you haven’t signed up to Adult Work yet, click on the banner below!


First you must purchase My Skype ID here:

SKYPE ID $20.00 (or £15 or 18 euros)

My Skype tribute starts at £50 / $65 / 55 euros for a 20 minute minimum.

Anything after is £2.50 per minute or USD $3.25 or 2.85 euros

*** This rate is going up to £3 per minute as of June 1st 2018 to reflect the fluctuation in international currencies. Thanks to Brexit, the pound is at an all time low and this is the first time I’m increasing rates since 2014 ***

Please note: Purchasing My Skype ID does not count towards your minutes.

If you have a special wardrode request, such as latex, or a catsuit this will incur an additional tribute of My deciding.


  • Pay directly into My UK bank account – details found HERE
  • Pay directly into My Canadian bank account – details found HERE
  • Or payment via Paypal. For more details, CONTACT
  • I do not accept payment via Amazon, other gift vouchers or slave blood in exchange for webcam sessions.

Pro-Dommes:  Thinking of visiting Paris and in need of advice? I would be happy to mentor you via premium rate phone, or see above for My usual Skype rates. Thank you for recognising that as a professional, My expertise is on a consultary basis and not in My “spare time”.  Please note: I do not rent My private dungeon to other Dommes (that’s why its called private and not commercial). I also don’t offer a free place for you to stay either. You are also strongly advised to verse yourself in the local laws of any forgein country you are visiting.