Booking Etiquette

5 July 2018

Paris, France

PARIS: now until July 21

Same day sessions possible (must be booked before 12h00)

VANCOUVER – July 26 to August 20

TORONTO – August 21 to 28

MONTREAL – August 29 to September 5

(in Canada 50% deposit and 48 hours notice required)

I now reside in Paris, France. I am currently located in Bastille, 11eme until July 21st.

PARIS: I am generally available 7 days a week from 11h00 to 20h00. My tribute for one hour is 300 euros or for two hours 500 euros. I do not do 30 minute sessions.

Same day sessions may be possible (subject to availability). Same day requests MUST be confirmed before 12h00 and a minimum of three hours notice is required.

In some cases you may be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit in advance:

  • heavy rubber sessions (minimum 2 hours, tribute 600 euros)
  • sessions longer than 2 hours

  • outcalls to hotels in Paris

  • social dinner dates and/or shopping

  • or if you’ve made an appointment in the past but failed to confirm
Je réside maintenant à Paris, en France. Je suis situé à Bastille, du maintenant au 21 juillet. 
Je ne retournerai pas à Paris avant septembr
 Je suis généralement disponible 7 jours sur 7 de 11h00 à 20h00. 
Mes honoraire pour une heure est de 300 euros ou pour deux heures 500 euros. 
Je ne fais pas de séances de 30 minutes. 

Les séances du même jour peuvent être possibles (sous réserve de disponibilité). 
Les demandes du même jour DOIVENT être confirmées avant 12h00 et un 
préavis d'au moins trois heures est requis. 

Dans certains cas, vous devrez peut-être payer un dépôt de 50% non remboursable à l'avance: 
- Séances en heavy rubber (minimum 2 heures, honoraire 600 euros) 
- Séances de plus de 2 heures 
- Sorties aux hôtels à Paris 
- Dîners sociaux et / ou achats 
- Ou si vous avez pris rendez-vous par le passé mais que vous n'avez pas confirmé 
Si je demande un dépôt, c'est non négociable. 

CANADA: I have now booked My flights to Canada. I will be visiting Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal only. The above dates are subject to change. 48 hours notice and 50% deposit will be required on tour at all locations in Canada. No expections. Sorry, but I do not accept references in lieu of a deposit. For more details, visit My TRAVEL page.


Please read My website thoroughly before making initial contact with Me, via the form on the CONTACT  page. Read My SESSION page to find out what activities I do (and what I will not do).

Indicate the date, time and length and location of desired session. Fill out ALL fields of the application. If you do not inculde your phone number, your application will be incomplete and you will not recieve any further information from Me.

If your application is successful, you will usually recieve a response from Me within 24 hours. It is advisable to check your spam folder. 

In the meantime, sign up to My NEWSLETTER, follow Me on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Inscrivez-vous à  ma NEWSLETTER ou TWITTER ou INSTAGRAM


If you are asked to pay a deposit, this is non negotiable. In Paris, in some cases, a deposit may be required. In UK and Canada, a 50% non refundable deposit will be required in all cases.


If you are from the UK or Canada, here are directions on how to pay a deposit.

My UK bank details are:

Orion Media Productions

Sort code: 60-00-01

Account: 40493563

ON-LINE PAYMENT PROCESS (for Canadians only)

For making deposits through email transfer here are the directions (Canadian banking only):

1. Log in to your online banking (any Canadian bank or credit union)

2. Locate Transfer or Payment menu options

3. Select the Interac Email Money Transfer service

4. Specify a recipient by entering his/her email address:

5. Fill in the information (dollar amount, from which account, security question) and follow prompts to complete (please make the password ladybellatrix)

American or European? Ask Me! Special alternative available just for you.


I require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you have to cancel your session for any reason. Of course we are all human and sometimes extenuating circumstances arise out of our control resulting in a cancellation. However, this is costly to Me and happens too frequently. Therefore I will expect to be compensated in full for any missed appointments.

My goal is to create a session that is enjoyable for both of us. Respect goes both ways. I am very selective about whom I will meet. I enjoy building lasting relationships with My slaves and submissives. So if you are serious about seeing Me, you will go through My initial screening process.