International Dominatrix


I am a jet set International Dominatrix and on a quest for global domination.

After dominating London for the last seven years and countless tours to Canada, the USA and all throughout Europe, I have now relocated to Paris.Following My epic six week tour of Canada, I will be in the UK for a few weeks ahead of My return to Paris in October.


LONDON – now to October 7 

PARIS – October 9 onward


See DIARY for tour dates and sign up to the newsletter.


Canada – I have now returned from a six week tour of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. I have no immediate plans to return to My homeland but always open to sponsorship.

America – I currently have no plans to visit USA for the foreseable future (unless you are willing to sponsor My entire trip).


From autumn of 2018, I will be touring less frequently. I have developed a love/hate relationship with My suitcase!

But if you’d like a kinky travel companion or would like to fly Me out to your city for some Femdom frolics, I am open to genuine queries. I have also been known to attend international fetish parties – particularly where the focus is on rubber. If you’d like to attend with Me, let Me know (but please be aware that you will be required to compensate Me for My time).

I speak English, Japanese and French and hold two passports making Me a great international kinky companion.


Perhaps you’d like to get to know Me a little bit better. I am charming, erudite and cultured and you will love getting to know Me outside of the whips and chains setting. It is highly unlikely that you will find Me at the usual fetish gatherings where all the other Femdoms attend as I prefer exclusivity and above all else, discretion. I am open to dinner dates followed by playtime or a night cap after a long arduous session. However, be aware that a tribute will always be expected for My time.


I am currently based in Paris. After an extended tour of Canada, I will return to Paris permanently in the autumn  and once I do, will not be touring as frequently as I have in the past years. I will return to the UK from time to time.

However, if you’d like Me to visit your city anywhere in Europe (London included outside of My visits there), feel free to get in touch. Be prepared to pay for My travel and accommodation and any other expenses. You will need to book My day rate (social time plus playtime) – with 50% deposit up front. You will be expected to book a Skype session prior to this to assess suitablity. Please check My availability and CONTACT Me to discuss.

If you are further afield and would like Me to visit your city, you will be required to book a minimum of two days/nights (paying a minimum two days at My per diem rate). Additionally, I will require full expenses paid including airfare and  along with four star (or higher accommodation) and a non refundable deposit.

Places I’d like to tour: JAPAN, Hong Kong, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Germany and more!

I am also available for holidays in five star resorts and far flung tropical places (plus I look fucking hot in a bikini and high heels).

Please note: a 50% non refundable deposit will be required for all of the above. No exceptions.