Paris Dominatrix – last six weeks

Greetings lovers and losers!

That’s right! You read it right, these are My last six weeks in Paris, with My final day here being July 8th. The last seven months living in the French capital have been wonderful. I’ve been able to chill the hell out and get into a regular routine outside of Domme life, including intensive French lessons which are coming along nicely.

Touring the world for the last six years has been epic but it was really time to settle down for a little while.  But old habits die hard and I am getting restless again. Looking forward to the summer, I have decided to finally go back to London for a few weeks and I am currently planning My annual excursion to Canada, My country of birth.

So, for all My long suffering Parisian slaves and for those who were thinking of seeing Me, now is the time! I remain at the current location of Chez Bellatrix in le Marais until July 8th. With My full range of toys, impliments and of course the latex body bag and vac bed, come and see the HEAVY RUBBER DOMINATRIX of your dreams.

Also, I am really looking forward to welcoming Mistress Simone Worthington from Chicago and Elena du Luca from New York who will be coming to Paris between June 3rd to 6th. Fancy a double or even triple Domme session?

After My departure from Paris, I will finally return to the UK for a few weeks. I should arrive around July 10th and I am now taking advance bookings for Femdom sessions. By then it will have been over nine months since I’ve been back to London! My how time flies. And how things have changed! I will no longer be sessioning from the Swiss Cottage location, instead My chambers have moved to Victoria. I may just pop into Glastonbury for a few days too.

As mentioned above, I am considering taking My annual pilgramage to Canada this summer. I visited Toronto last summer for the first time in five years and liked it so much, I may go again at the end of July. And of course, My hometown of Vancouver awaits. But more on those dates coming soon…

My future as a Domme is up in the air at the moment, and depending on personal and global circumstances, I may return to Paris again in September. Or take a long break altogether. Time will tell…

In the meantime, I can always be reached on the various services I’ve frequented for years…





So if you can’t see Me in person, I’ll be available on line for at least the next six weeks.

In the meantime, you could also follow Me on Instagram and/or Twitter with the handle @_ladybellatrix_ however, as I am shadowbanned on Twitter and at risk of losing both accounts because I am a Dominatrix, I implore you to sign up to My NEWSLETTER

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

Le Retour de la Dominatrice Parisienne

Le Retour de la Dominatrice Parisienne

Greetings lovers and losers of Paris!

I have been counting down the days until I see My beloved Parisian slaves. I have been enjoying My time in London, but I will only be available to session in Swiss Cottage until October 7th.

Having travelled far and wide on My quest for Global Domination over the last two months, I am pleased to announce My return to the French capital in a stunning new location. From October 9th I will be offering Femdom sessions from a very large apartment in Le Marais of the 3rd arrondissement.

I have so many new goodies to play with including a selection of new strap-on toys, more new latex and of course My brand new vac bed! I am feeling a lot more sexy HEAVY RUBBER sessions coming on.

Same day sessions may be possible, subject to availability but they will have to be confirmed no later than noon of the same day. I am a busy woman so you will have to manage your urges around My schedule (not the other way around).

I will also have two special guests coming to visit Me in November. But you will have to wait until My next blog until I announce who they are. As an elite international Dominatrix, I only associate with the crème de la crème of the fetish world so I’m sure you will be as excited as I am to see who will be joining Me!

Now that I have triggered your subbie senses, get your applications in now slaves!



I will also be doing more filming at the new location, so if you’d like to order a custom clip, contact Me in the link below with your request.

If you’d like to be considered as a film slave in Paris, get in touch! I will consider most activities, as long as they are in line with My own interests. But please note, an on-line tribute will be required in advance.


You may have noticed that I am producing loads of Femdom content lately. I update My studios three times a week. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out My studios here!

Clips 4 Sale:

Lady Bellatrix – Queen of Mean Studio 58975

Heavy Rubber Dominatrix Studio 98643

I Want Clips:

Photos credit: Canadian Fetish Photos

Dominatrix in London and Paris


London – Now to October 7

Paris – October 9 onward

Greetings European lovers and losers!

Writing from London, I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to address My British audience as European! Anyhow, after My six week tour of Canada, I have finally gotten the much required rest I needed. I timed My trip to start with the Vancouver Fetish Weekend and end it nicely with the Montreal Fetish Weekend with a stint in Toronto in the middle. I’d like to thank everyone who made life easier for Me on tour with showing so much warmth and hospitality. And of course, thanks to My Canadian harem of man hoes, new and long standing who came to see Me on tour.

While on tour, I managed to do four video shoots and a photo shoot in Vancouver. In Toronto, I also did four video shoots and one in Montreal. While in Montreal, I had the distinct privilege of walking for Patrice Cantanzaro for the Fetish Fashion show. Shortly after I returned, I had a brilliant shoot with Mistress Nikki Whiplash. With so much going on, I am still going through all of the content, therefore I have been a bit lax in posting it all up on social media. In hindsight, maybe six weeks was a bit ambitious. But when you have a taste for Global Domination, sometimes you bite off more than you can chew!

Check out My CLIPS 4 SALE and I WANT CLIPS studios for updates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My return to Paris has been postponed, therefore I will remain in London for a little while longer than planned. Therefore, I am available for Femdom sessions from the usual splendour of the fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage from now until October 7th. The dungeon is perfect for Heavy Rubber, extended sessions and overnight caging.

Generally in London, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice. There may be opportunities for same day sessions, which will be posted on My TWITTER or ADULT WORK pages but advance notice is always recommended.

From October 9th, I am happy to report that I will be returning to Paris. I will be offering sessions from a very large apartment in 3eme where I will be indefinitely. I am now taking pre-bookings, so get in touch now, Parisian lovers and losers!


Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Photo Credit: Canadian Fetish Photos

Kinky Multi Slave Party with Miss Mighty on June 27

Miss Mighty and Lady Bellatrix

Kinky Multi-Slave Party

Wednesday, June 27th from 15.00 to 18.00 – Swiss Cottage, NW3

Fresh from her return from Paris, Lady Bellatrix will be joining Miss Mighty once again to hold their notorious Kinky Multi-Slave Party on Wednesday, June 27th from 15:00 to 18:00.

The Femdom festivities will take place at Miss Mighty’s fully equipped chambers in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The tribute for each slot is £300 with the possibility of extending longer to live out your kinky desires. Deposit required to reserve your place.

Some of the activities our slaves can expect include: strap-on, humiliation, bondage, suspension, electrics and even f0rced bi. While boundaries will be respected, you are expected to come with an open mind. Let the Mistresses handle the rest.

Lady Bellatrix will also be available for sessions in Swiss Cottage, London between July 23 to July 4th.


APPLY: or ring Miss Mighty on 07977212857


London Availability in January

London Availability in January


Greetings lovers and losers,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. But what better way to start the New Year with a bang than a session with Me! I will be visiting London again between December 30th to January 7th. As usual, I will be sessioning from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage.

Heavy rubber, extended sessions and overnight caging are possible at this location. I am also available for outcalls to hotels (4 star or higher) and I will also consider social meet and greets.

In the coming months, I will be on the road a lot. Due to personal circumstances, My schedule will be rather changeable so I will only announce tour dates as and when I they can be confirmed.

Sign up to My NEWSLETTER to keep up with My dates.

For the most up to date info, join My 47K+ followers on TWITTER and also My INSTAGRAM

Wishing you all the best for 2018,

Lady Bellatrix


Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire

Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire

 Series 1 – Out Now!


Once upon a time ago, I lived in a palatial home in Buckinghamshire with My loving subby hubby Kneel. He used to bring Me flowers, and pay for lavish gifts, holidays and keep Me in a lifestyle which would only make the other Real Housewives of Buckinghamshire jealous. Not that I paid too much attention to him – other than when he couldn’t meet My demands.

Here is are the first glimpses of My former Femdom life in the British Home Counties, and see for yourself why I am called the Glaminatrix…

Series One out now! On Clips 4 Sale and I Want Clips! Binge watch now!

Part One

When My husband Kneel comes home 5 minutes late, I am already incensed that he’s made Me wait. In order to appease Me, he has bought Me a bouquet of flowers. But he picked them up from the petrol station with the price tag still on it. So I let him know exactly what I think of his flowers by slapping his face with them. While he has been toiling in the office all day, I’ve been strutting around the house in high heels. I know what he really wants, but in recent years, the only body part I’ll allow him to touch is My beautiful feet. As he worships My shoes, I cackle as I remind him that I didn’t sign a prenuptial and let him know of My extra marital affairs with the staff.



Part 2

When My subby hubby came home late, I gave him such a royal off. After all, I am a Real Housewife of Buckinghamshire and I have exceedingly high expectations. Because he is such a failure, I let him start worshipping the shoes he bought for Me. My anger dissipates somewhat as he sucks and licks My high heels. While he is in a submissive state, I coerce him into taking Me shopping for more Cartier and Michael Kors. The verbal diatribe continues when I remind him that I went to the local Wife Swap – but he wasn’t invited. Slowly taking My shoe off, I tell him to inhale the scent of his wife.



Part 3

Kneel, My pathetic subby hubby has let Me down yet again, so I let him worship one of the more expensive pair of shoes he bought Me. Taking one of My 7 inch stilettos off, he slowly starts massaging My highly arched feet through the pantyhose. Feeling less pissed off, I allow him to take My foot in both hands and start sucking on My nylon clad toes. While he is deep in sub-space, I convince him how imperative it is for him to get that promotion at work – but only so I can compete with the other Housewives of Buckinghamshire in maxing out his next credit card.



Part 4

When subby hubby Kneel returned home late, he got the usual berating for being so pathetic. It has been years since we have had marital intimacy, so he is lucky that I still allow him to touch Me whatsoever. Ordering him to suck on My pantyhose encased toes, he dives in with aplomb. He opens his mouth wider and I stuff My foot in deeper – so deep in fact, I think I can feel his tonsils. When I get bored of that, I make him take his trousers off to reveal a silver chastity device, which I’d completely forgotten about. He reminds Me that I locked him up 2 months ago. Before dismissing him to do some housework, I flip him over My knee to give him a good hand spanking to remind him who The Boss is around the house. Making him kneel down on the floor (that is his name after all) I make him hoover up the flowers I slapped him in the face with before discussing renewing our vows at with a lavish ceremony.













Domination in Paris in July and London tour dates


Greetings lovers and losers!

As a newly fledged Paris Dominatrix, I’m pleased to report that it has been two months since My relocation from the UK. I didn’t anticipate how different living here and touring here would be. But I am now finally starting to get settled in. I am taking intensive French lessons and although I can speak to a decent conversational level, My writing ability is still not very strong.

I will be available for Femdom sessions from My fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. I will be available every day in July and the first half of August.

Same day sessions may be possible (subject to availability).


Additionally, this month sees My return to cam! And as such, I will be gearing up in My latex catsuit from My Parisian dungeon. I will be available on Adult Work, Nite Flirt or Skype.

So if you can’t serve Me in person, you can still serve Me on-line!

Check out My webcam page more details HERE


I will also resume filming during July and August. If you are based in Paris, contact Me on My website for more information. There will be a 100 euro tribute required (payable in advance) and you will need to sign a model release and bring one piece of government issued ID.

In the meantime, you can check out My C4S Studio for some Femdom fuckery here:


I will be returning to London between August 13th to 22nd. I will be available for Femdom sessions at My fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage.

My perverted partner in crime Miss Mighty and I will be hosting a multi-slave party on Wednesday, August 16th. More details to follow!

Visit My website for more information or if you’re not already following Me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM be sure to check in for daily status updates!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix




The Latex Zone – Zurich Dominatrix


Greetings lovers and losers of Zurich!

I will be returning to Der Femdom in Zurich for My first tour of the year from JANUARY 16-18! And with that I would like to introduce My special New Year offer. Are you ready to enter the Latex Zone?

As the Britian’s Leading Lady of Latex, let Me introduce Me guide you into a world of deep rubber submission. Once you are under My spell, you will give your mind, body and soul to enter The Latex Zone!

Your rubber incarceration can include:

– breath play

– multiple layers of latex

– pain therapy

– dirty talk

– feminization

– electric shock treatment

– milking and edging

– sensory deprivation

– mind fuck

– and many more fetish games!
2 hours of Total Latex Enclosure

750 CHF (includes up to one hour of holding time)


It is My preference that you make initial contact via My website to introduce yourself


If you must phone the studio, I can be reached on +41 44 558 5811 (only January 16-18)

See you there!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Queen’s Speech 2016 – Femdom Royalty at Christmas


Season’s beatings to all My lovers and losers from Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire on Christmas Day. As your Queen of Mean, this vlog marks my inaugural Queen’s Speech with messages of hope for the new year.

Watch the Queen’s Speech on My Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

London Dominatrix returns


Greetings lovers and losers,

Your Queen has returned! After nearly six weeks on the road, touring three counties on two continents, your intrepid Mistress has finally returned to the UK. Freshly recovered from jet lag and living on the road for so long, I am back in London where I will be offering Femdom sessions – heavy rubber and otherwise in My fully equipped chambers in NW3.

Just days before I left for My hometown Vancouver in August, I did a top secret shoot on the Millennium Bridge which was something I had dreamed about doing since I started Domming in the British capital. Career goals! Another amazing shoot in My series called London Icons. I hope you will enjoy the results of the effort it took Me and the team to wake up at 3am to put on a latex catsuit and hit the bridge for sunrise. Credits below.

The full set of photos will soon be available on My usual “pay per view” channels such as My members’ site, Adult Work gallery and NiteFlirt goodies. Stay tuned for more details there.

But now that I am back in the UK, I will be spending a bit more time here nurturing the perversions of My long suffering British harem. But if you want to see your reigning Rubber Queen, you’ll have to catch Me before I head off on tour again, three weeks from now.

Mistress Nikki Whiplash and I are filming our first production on Saturday, October 15th in Hampshire. If you are a film slave and enjoy ballbusting and all the other usual Femdom activities, get in touch! But be prepared to pay a tribute.

For the remainder of the year and into spring, I will continue to visit Zurich and Paris frequently so be sure to note where in the world I am when requesting your session.

The Domme Show returns on Friday, October 28th on Redlight Central from 11.00 GMT so be sure to tune in to this interactive live show and tell Me how much you love worshipping My latex and being My man hoe.


London: Oct 2 to 17

Paris: Oct 19 to 23

London: Oct 24-26

Bristol: October 27-29

London: Oct 30-Nov 13

Zurich: Nov 14-16

So, slaves…catch Me if you can slaves!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Photos: Ace McGowan

Slave: rubberboy76

Gasmask: Acetone Nightmares CLICK TO SHOP

Latex: Libidex CLICK TO SHOP