Paris Dominatrix – last six weeks

Greetings lovers and losers!

That’s right! You read it right, these are My last six weeks in Paris, with My final day here being July 8th. The last seven months living in the French capital have been wonderful. I’ve been able to chill the hell out and get into a regular routine outside of Domme life, including intensive French lessons which are coming along nicely.

Touring the world for the last six years has been epic but it was really time to settle down for a little while.  But old habits die hard and I am getting restless again. Looking forward to the summer, I have decided to finally go back to London for a few weeks and I am currently planning My annual excursion to Canada, My country of birth.

So, for all My long suffering Parisian slaves and for those who were thinking of seeing Me, now is the time! I remain at the current location of Chez Bellatrix in le Marais until July 8th. With My full range of toys, impliments and of course the latex body bag and vac bed, come and see the HEAVY RUBBER DOMINATRIX of your dreams.

Also, I am really looking forward to welcoming Mistress Simone Worthington from Chicago and Elena du Luca from New York who will be coming to Paris between June 3rd to 6th. Fancy a double or even triple Domme session?

After My departure from Paris, I will finally return to the UK for a few weeks. I should arrive around July 10th and I am now taking advance bookings for Femdom sessions. By then it will have been over nine months since I’ve been back to London! My how time flies. And how things have changed! I will no longer be sessioning from the Swiss Cottage location, instead My chambers have moved to Victoria. I may just pop into Glastonbury for a few days too.

As mentioned above, I am considering taking My annual pilgramage to Canada this summer. I visited Toronto last summer for the first time in five years and liked it so much, I may go again at the end of July. And of course, My hometown of Vancouver awaits. But more on those dates coming soon…

My future as a Domme is up in the air at the moment, and depending on personal and global circumstances, I may return to Paris again in September. Or take a long break altogether. Time will tell…

In the meantime, I can always be reached on the various services I’ve frequented for years…





So if you can’t see Me in person, I’ll be available on line for at least the next six weeks.

In the meantime, you could also follow Me on Instagram and/or Twitter with the handle @_ladybellatrix_ however, as I am shadowbanned on Twitter and at risk of losing both accounts because I am a Dominatrix, I implore you to sign up to My NEWSLETTER

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

April is My Birthmonth

April is birthmonth!

Celebrate the countdown to My birthday April 27th

Greetings lovers and losers,

April is birthmonth! Celebrate the countdown to My birthday on April 27th!

Life in Paris has been flourishing. Now that spring is upon us, I have been productive in My personal life and have embarked on intensive French tuition as well as martial arts training. I continue to take requests for Femdom sessions at Chez Bellatrix in le Marais in the 3rd arrondissement where I will be from now until July 8th. While I have enjoyed staying in one place for a while, summer will be here in no time and I am getting restless. More on that another time. But any guesses where I’ll be going?

Yes, its that time of year. Birthmonth is upon us! So if you can’t serve Me in person in Paris, there are so many other ways you can show your appreciation so visit My WISHLIST for some ideas. My current preference is the gift card at Galleries Lafayette which is the easiest way to please Me so I can choose from so many luxury items and select things for Chez Bellatrix.

Galleries Lafayette Haussmann (en francais) 

Galleries Layfayette Haussmann (in English)


I am getting so excited. Mistress Esme‘s arrival is just around the corner. She will be here from Monday, April 8th to Wednesday April 10th with VERY LIMITED availability.

Then in June, I am pleased to announce that two American Dominatrices will be coming to Paris for a visit. Mistress Simone Worthington of Chicago and Elena de Luca of New York will be here between June 3rd to 6th. We are available for duos or even trio sessions.


One of My favourite things about producing clips is that it let’s Me be so creative and let My colourful personality shine through. As per usual, I continue to upload 3 clips a week every Friday, Saturday and Sunday so be sure to check into My studios.


I Want Clips

I will be filming solo POV’s again very soon as well as next week with Mistress Esme. As it’s Birthmonth, treat yourself to a custom clip!


And a special thanks to those whom have supported Me throughout the years. It is you, My lovers and losers who keep Me going and put a big smile on My face.

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix

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Dominatrix in London and Paris


London – Now to October 7

Paris – October 9 onward

Greetings European lovers and losers!

Writing from London, I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to address My British audience as European! Anyhow, after My six week tour of Canada, I have finally gotten the much required rest I needed. I timed My trip to start with the Vancouver Fetish Weekend and end it nicely with the Montreal Fetish Weekend with a stint in Toronto in the middle. I’d like to thank everyone who made life easier for Me on tour with showing so much warmth and hospitality. And of course, thanks to My Canadian harem of man hoes, new and long standing who came to see Me on tour.

While on tour, I managed to do four video shoots and a photo shoot in Vancouver. In Toronto, I also did four video shoots and one in Montreal. While in Montreal, I had the distinct privilege of walking for Patrice Cantanzaro for the Fetish Fashion show. Shortly after I returned, I had a brilliant shoot with Mistress Nikki Whiplash. With so much going on, I am still going through all of the content, therefore I have been a bit lax in posting it all up on social media. In hindsight, maybe six weeks was a bit ambitious. But when you have a taste for Global Domination, sometimes you bite off more than you can chew!

Check out My CLIPS 4 SALE and I WANT CLIPS studios for updates every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My return to Paris has been postponed, therefore I will remain in London for a little while longer than planned. Therefore, I am available for Femdom sessions from the usual splendour of the fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage from now until October 7th. The dungeon is perfect for Heavy Rubber, extended sessions and overnight caging.

Generally in London, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice. There may be opportunities for same day sessions, which will be posted on My TWITTER or ADULT WORK pages but advance notice is always recommended.

From October 9th, I am happy to report that I will be returning to Paris. I will be offering sessions from a very large apartment in 3eme where I will be indefinitely. I am now taking pre-bookings, so get in touch now, Parisian lovers and losers!


Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

Photo Credit: Canadian Fetish Photos

Vancouver Dominatrix


LADY BELLATRIX – Strict British Dominatrix visiting Vancouver (July 26-Aug 20)

Greetings lovers and losers of Vancouver,

I am an internationally renowned Dominatrix now based in Paris. During My eight year quest for Global Domination, I have worked with many of the greats and you may recognise Me from The English Mansion, Interrogation Bootcamp, Chateau Cuir, Club Stiletto and much more!

I will be on an extended tour of Canada over the next six weeks. Visiting Vancouver for the first time in over two years, I am pleased to announce that I will be offering Femdom sessions from a fully equipped dungeon between July 26th to August 20th. After that, I will be hitting Toronto and Montreal as well.

I will be arriving just in time for the Vancouver Fetish Weekend and staying for approximately three weeks. I am now taking pre-bookings so get your applications in now! But please note that I will require 48 hours notice and a 50% non refunable deposit.

I will be bringing My chic bag of tricks with an assortment of implements and a sexy selection of lingerie, latex and fetish shoes.

Although I am a sensual and feminine, I am also widely known for being a true sadist. I enjoy most BDSM activities from mild to extreme. Parisian slaves can expect:

– light bondage

– tease and denial

– humiliation

– CBT and NT

– caning, flogging, paddling, spanking

– mind control and role play

– strap on

– much, much more! See My SESSIONS page for more details.



Paris: now to July 21

Vancouver: July 26 – August 20

Toronto: August 20 – August 28

Montreal: August 29 to September 5





Final days in Paris. Great Canadian tour imminent…

Final Days in Paris!

The Great Canadian tour imminent!


Greetings lovers and losers,

Following My tour of London, I now returned to Paris. It was great seeing My long suffering London harem and the “kinky multi slave party” with Miss Mighty was a great success. After attending the Iron Maiden concert and duo sessions with Mistress Eleise, life has slowed down a notch. But just for the moment, as I am in the process of planning My tour to Canada.

PARIS – now to July 21

I will be available for Femdom sessions in Paris daily between now and then from My apartment in Bastille. This will be the last opportunity to session with Me in the French capital until September, so apply now!

VANCOUVER – July 26 to August 20

I am pleased to announce that I will be returning to My hometown of Vancouver for the first time in two year! I will be attending the Vancouver Fetish Weekend so if you’re there, I’ll see you at one of the various parties.

I will be conducting Femdom sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in Burnaby Mountain between July 26th to August 20th and I am now taking pre-bookings.

TORONTO – August 21 to 28

I will be returning to Toronto on tour for the first time in five years! While My plans for My visit are not 100% confirmed yet, My dates will be approximately August 21st to 28th. While there, I will also be offering duo sessions with Lady Azelle from Studio Ludis on particular dates. More information coming soon.

MONTREAL – August 29 to September 5

Again, this will be the first time I am returning to Montreal in five years. While there, I will be attending the Montreal Fetish Weekend. However, during that time, I will also be offering Femdom studios from a fully equipped dungeon in Montreal. I will also have the opportunity to offer duo sessions with Mistress Hell Kitty.

For all sessions while in Canada, I will require a 50% non refundable deposit and 48 hour notice. No exceptions!

I look forward to seeing My Canadian slaves and welcoming new ones into My international harem of man hoes!

Best wishes from Paris,

Lady Bellatrix


Le retour de la Maîtresse Parisienne

Greetings lovers and losers of Paris,

JANUARY 24 to 30

I will be returning to the French capital for My first visit in 2018. As you may recall, I had relocated to Paris for six months last year. However, due to personal circumstances, I’ve had to temporarily come back to the UK. Don’t worry, I will return permanently in April. But for the time being, I will return from January 24 to 30 on tour.

I will be offering Femdom sessions from a trendy loft apartment in Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement. I have an extensive fetish wardrobe and full range of fetish toys in Paris for every scenario imaginable.

As a High Protocol Dominatrix, I am sensual and seductive too and enjoy a range of soft domination activities. However, I have a definite sadistic streak and also thrive on hard domination sessions as well. I have a lust for latex and enjoy extended heavy rubber sessions.

– foot worship

– tease and denial

– boot worship

– bondage

– humiliation

– role play

– interrogation

– extreme verbal humiliation

– CBT and nipple torture

– ballbusting

– bondage

– heavy rubber (latex worship, latex body bag)

I am also available for outcalls to four/five star hotels or social outings as well (such as dinner dates).

On My continued quest for global domination, I will be touring extensively between now and the end of March. These are My current confirmed tour dates.

GLASTONBURY – January 10th to 17th

LONDON – January 19th to 23rd

PARIS – January 24th to 30th

WORCESTER – February 2nd to 5th

I look forward to meeting you on My many journeys!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

photo credit: The Shiney Lens on Instagram

UK Mistress on Tour


Greetings lovers and losers!


After a few whirlwind weeks of taking care of personal matters, I am now fully geared to resume real time sessions although with limited availability. Writing from My palatial boudoir near Glastonbury, I would like to announce My forthcoming tour dates. I haven’t toured much in 2017, so I have decided that I will be on the road for most of the first quarter before eventually settling back in Paris.

LONDON – December 4 to 14


As per usual, I will be sessioning from a private dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. It is fully equipped complete with suspension and a separate medical room. It is the perfect setting for heavy rubber or extended sessions and overnight caging is available as well!

I will be teaming up with My partner in crime Miss Mighty for double sessions. Advance booking is strongly recommended. Deposit required.

GLASTONBURY – December 16 to 27


This will be My home base in between tours for the next few months. I will be sessioning from a boutique hotel just outside of Glastonbury in very plush four poster bed boudoir. I travel with an extensive selection of implements and a vast wardrobe of latex, leather, lingerie and fetish footwear. No same day sessions at this location and deposit will also be required.

I will be returning to Paris again in mid January on tour but exact dates are not confirmed. Scotland is still a contender and I am also in the midst of researching a tour to the far east. I’ve made it no secret that I am on a quest for global domination. And that’s what I will do.



C4S has a fantastic competition on right now until mid January so I’ve decided to tie it in with a free custom clip promotion. Between now and January 15th, if you spend $100 on clips in one go, you’ll get a free ten minute custom clip! Spend $150, get a 15 minute custom. Spend $200, get a 20 minute clip and so on! To be eligible, you must use the special link below.—queen-of-mean/cidbdbff4f2fe32f56aed6e4f9c85



Aux Parisiens : J’ai peut-être quitté la France pour le moment, mais cela ne veut pas dire que tu devrais m’oublier! Les Etrennes sont dues. Découvrez Ma liste de voeux ICI


Slaves : Christmas is right around the corner. If you can’t serve Me in real time, here is your way of showing your appreciation HERE

I look forward to seeing all of My long suffering UK slaves and meeting those new slaves who have 
been yearning to meet Me in My absence. 

Until then, stay kinky and stay safe!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

London Dominatrix – November 14-18


The QUEEN of MEAN has returned to LONDON!!

Available November 14-18 ONLY in Swiss Cottage, NW3

I am Lady Bellatrix – elegant, discerning and strict.

LONDON: As usual, I will be conducting Femdom sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The dungeon is kitted out with Fetters equipment complete with suspension and a separate medical room. There are also facilities for extended or overnight caging.

I am an international Dominatrix and fetish model. You may recognise Me from The English Mansion, Club Stiletto, Interrogation Bootcamp or more recently Redlight Central TV.

I have recently relocated to Paris, France. However, I am on an extended tour of the UK and will have limited availability throughout November and December. Only on the dates shown above.

I specialise in HEAVY RUBBER. Some of My other favourite activities include ballbusting, CP, interrogation, mind control and extreme humiliation (face slapping, spitting, verbal debasement). A session with Me could be described as intense but I do have a more sensual side. Some of the softer activities I enjoy include role play, tie and tease and the foot connoisseur will delight in worshipping My highly arched feet.

Duo sessions available with Miss Mighty.

I also offer extended bookings, overnight caging and outcalls to four star hotels are welcome.

Advanced booking is recommended.


My London tribute starts at £250/hour



Marilyn Model

Paris, London and beyond!

Greetings lovers and losers!


Life is coming a long fine in Paris and its nearly been three whole months since I’ve moved here. The French language lessons are coming along well and it has been great meeting My regular slaves as well as welcoming new ones into My Parisian harem.

I remain in Paris up to August 9th and available to session every day from a fully equipped dungeon in the 10th arrondissement. Same day sessions are available, subject to availability, if booked before 14h00 on the day.


As your reigning Queen of Mean, I will return to My London realm between August 13th to 21st.

As usual, I will be sessioning from a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. The chambers are furnished with several pieces of Fetters furniture along with suspension and an authentic medical room. Heavy rubber sessions are also available. We have a full latex wardrobe for men along with all the accessories for an intense total enclosure experience!

My tribute starts at £250 an hour.

I will also be hosting a kinky multi-slave party with My partner in crime Miss Mighty and our slave girl on Wednesday, August 16th. There will be two slots of two hours each. The first one is at 14h00 to 16h00 and then again from 18h00 to 20h00. The tribute for each slot is £300. Activities to include: strap-on, humiliation, bondage and suspension, electrics and f0rced bi. While boundaries will be respected, you are expected to come with an open mind!


After My tour to London, I will be visiting Amsterdam from September 8th to 10th and I’ll be attending Europerve in My shiniest rubber. But more on that in My next newsletter.

From September onward, I will continue to be based in Paris. I will be stepping up the video production. So any film slaves who are interested, get in contact then.

Before the end of the year, I will return to London at least once more and with My ever intrepid wanderlust, who knows, maybe I’ll visit a city near you. I am always open to genuine requests for sponsorship, so just ask!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


INTERROGATION BOOTCAMP – April 15th – introducing Special Agent Whiplash


Memo from the Department of Human Resources


Since Special Agent Hunter’s reassignment to a highly classified and undisclosed location, The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy has enlisted a new recruit to assist Special Agent Bella on her on going task of maintaining the status quo of the subspecies known as man.


Special Agent Whiplash of the Tactical Forces Division is highly reputed for her powerful snap kick and using sadistic measures to achieve victory. With such a track record, she is the chosen comrade to join forces in carrying out the latest mission called Operation RETRIBUTION.

They have now received urgent orders from The High Commandress of The Female Supremacy and are preparing for the most fierce retaliation in the history of Interrogation Bootcamp at the Hampshire Base Camp.

Ahead of their next mission, those guilty members of the subspecies known as man are requested to turn themselves in…or suffer a much worse fate.

During Interrogation Bootcamp, the subspecies known as “man” can expect the following (but non exhaustive) list of activities:

– interrogation

– psychological warfare

– women in uniform

– Corporal Punishment (from mild to extreme)

– military role play

– mind control

– fear play, power play, TPE

The question remains…are you man enough?





Applications close at midnight on 01 APRIL 2017

  • Processing fee £250 (payable in advance/non refundable)
  • Offer only open to UK or European nationals
  • Limited places


Interrogation Bootcamp is an on-going conceptual venture combining Orwellian inspired film noir, military role play, women in uniform and extreme masochism. In this ever evolving saga, Our two internationally renowned Special Agents hope to encourage support for the Female Supremacy and invoke fear in those who would otherwise defy its existence.