AVN Stars – a new social media platform

AVN Stars – a new social media platform

Greetings from Chez Bellatrix in Paris,

Times are a changing…can you feel it? Because I sure can! Sweeping changes are taking place globally and as such, so is social media and the way we use it.

Sadly, I lost My account on Instagram in August at 15,000 followers. But before I attempt to set up a new one, I decided to clean up My act on Twitter. So for the past few weeks, after a massive tweet delete, I have I have decided to go PG-13 on My twitter account. With algorithms constantly changing and the noose of censorship tightening, I predict huge changes on the horizon.

So what happens to all the XXX and fun stuff I used to post? That’s where AVN Stars comes in. If you are interested in adult content whatsoever, you would have had to been living under a rock to have not heard of AVN, so in My opinion, its a brand that can be trusted.

So when AVN came out with a a new combination social media platform with the option of a member’s site, I thought I would give it a go. Its free for anyone to sign up to the social media side of things, but there is also a fan site option where smut creators like Me can post the super juicy content behind a pay wall.

And so far so good! In just three weeks, my following has started grow and to make the shift over.

If you’re a fellow Domina, its a safe place to post your super sexy content. And for the super savvy slaves, you will find more and more of your favourite Mistresses there, such as yours truly. This is a band wagon to jump on.

So go check it out! Here is My personalised referral link:


See you on the other side.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: sign up to My NEWSLETTER while you’re at it 😉

The Maitresse Parisienne returns

The Maitresse Parisienne Returns

Greetings lovers and losers,

Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye and your favourite Maitresse Parisienne returns! I am finally catching up with life back in Paris and as I write this on a chilly autumnal evening, I am fondly reflecting the passing season.

It was wonderful to visit London for three weeks in July. I took a trip to Whiplash Towers in Hampshire and had a wonderful shoot with Mistress Nikki Whiplash. A lot of balls were busted and egos were not the only thing that was bruised. And during the heatwave, I caught up with Mistress Esme and Miss Tiffany Naylor at Blue Door Dungeon for a sweaty day of triple domination.

After that, I headed to My hometown of Vancouver on the west coast for the entire month of August to recharge My batteries. Even though I managed to spend a lot of time at Wreck Beach (which in My opinion is the best beach in the world) of course I got up to My usual Femdom antics. I spent a lot of time filming at Club Stiletto and caught up My long suffering harem of Canadian slaves. Two of them travelled over 1000 kilometres to see Me, which shows commitment!

I continue to upload three clips every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on CLIPS 4 SALE and I WANT CLIPS so the fruits of My labour will be dropping through out the cumming months.

Now that I am back at Chez Bellatrix in le Marais, I continue to offer Femdom sessions from My penthouse apartment. Same day sessions are possible if booked before noon (subject to availability). My selection of toys continues to grow and I can cater to any fantasy imaginable in My palatial chambers, but especially those of a rubbery nature.

I have big plans in Paris for next year, which will mark My ten years as a Professional Dominatrix. A lot of changes are taking place behind the scenes so My focus will be on settling in France. As such, I will not be touring any more so if you wish to see Me, it will either be at Chez Bellatrix or you can book a private tour for Me to visit your city.

One new development I can mention is that I have signed up to AVN Stars, a new adult friendly social media platform. It is free to follow, however, there is also a juicy members side where you can see all the XXX stuff that I used to post on Twitter. Yup, the day has arrived that I have gone PG-13 on Twitter, but that is a blog for another time…

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

AVN STARS: www.maitresseparisienne.com

CLIPS 4 SALE: www.clips4sale.com/58975

I WANT CLIPS: www.iwantladybellatrix.com