For all initial session requests or media queries, please fill out the form on My contact Me page HERE

I understand that perhaps your query may be quite complex and you’d like to discuss it in great detail. Or perhaps you’d just like to hear My voice. That’s fantastic!

And that is why I have set up two premium rate phone numbers just for that reason.

Souhaitez-vous discuter de vos séances avec moi?
Ou peut-être aimeriez-vous entendre ma voix? 
J'ai deux numéros de téléphone de "paiement par minute" différents. 



Call 0203 455 0150 and when prompted, enter user ID 1473218 and the PIN 727156


Call Button Call me on 1-800-TO-FLIRT
ext: 10134853

Pro-Dommes:  Thinking of visiting Paris and in need of advice? I would be happy to mentor you via phone, as above or visit My webcam page for My usual Skype rates. Thank you for recognising that as a professional, My expertise is on a consultary basis and not in My “spare time”.  Please note: I do not rent My private dungeon to other Dommes (that’s why its called private and not commercial). I also don’t offer a free place for you to stay either. You are also strongly advised to verse yourself in the local laws of any forgein country you are visiting.