April is Birthmonth


Greetings lovers and losers,

I am writing this on the one year countdown to Brexit. So there is no time like the present to start the proceedings for My own Brexit. With that, I am getting all My ducks in a row ahead of My permanent move to Paris.

I will be available for Femdom sessions in London between now and April 22nd at a fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage, where I have been receiving slaves since 2015. So for all the slaves in the British capital who have served Me before, or have been thinking about serving Me, now is the time as after this, I won’t be returning often.

And on April 17th, I will be joining forces with Kinky Dirty Bitch of Adult Work fame for Double Domme sessions. We will also be filming that day so we’re also recruiting film slaves. Full details can be found on My previous blog here: Double Domme with Kinky Dirty Bitch – April 17

April also marks an interesting time of year for Me as it is My birthmonth. That’s right! My birthday is on April 27th so this month marks a time of celebration for Me. It is time to pay homage to your one and only Queen of Mean. I have set up a John Lewis gift registry.

Go to this link and enter wishlist number 736839:


Additionally, you can find other gift suggestions here:


From April 24th onward I will be in Paris, where I will also be spending My birthday with special friends Domina M, Snow Mercy of LA and of course, My Parisian Latex Squad. As I have been living between UK and Paris for some time now, My French slaves can rejoice in the fact that I will be coming back to stay.

The photos in this blog are from My recent shoot in Paris with Francois Loock and My rubber doll Daniella Benatta. There will be more of these to come!

With that, wishing you all a happy Easter, whatever your persuasion. As for Me, I think I have found an alternative hiding spot for this year’s egg hunt…

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


London – now to April 22

Paris – April 24 onward